Rumors In Bewteen Meetings: Issa to ditch Gunwalker

Heard a rumor that John Boehner is calling halt to Issa’s Gunwalker investigation.

Calls into Issa’s office have not yielded confirmation via ARFCom.

If true, does it surprise you? Really?

All by design kids…

Just Make it Up On Volume

Shipping rates go negative via Zerohedge.

Fuel costs go higher, markets are saturated, and credit is stagnant.

Here is an awesome (though very long & detailed) article talking about what we, as in America, still manufacture.

What I want to talk about are the things we don’t make here. Simple things like ball bearings, integrated circuits, electric motors, batteries, and auto parts (excluding of course fuel injectors). Not to mention, plasticware, disposable consumer goods, and chemical components to everyday items like shampoo and toothpaste.

How long to tool up and get that back? Can your wallet survive that production ramp up? Will there be another manufacturing base with cheap labor to fill the hole left by the allusion of China’s growing middle class? Africa you say? Uh, huh. I have land for sale if that’s your answer.

The king’s (see bankers) continuous search for cheaper labor might have finally hit a roadblock kids. This might be the last hurrah for that schtick.

3x the incentive regarding profits


Better check before you start thinking along those collectivist lines of, “eeevil oil companies”.

I was reminded of this while tanking up the 4×4, after an afternoon of hiking & shooting with Mrs. Matson.

Three times the incentive. THREE TIMES…