Do Hungry People Start Wars?

War for food? Hmmm. I wonder…

Either way, it will make a difference on you and yours – and soon looks like.

Wonder if this will get a mention on the evening lies?

Resistance is Fertile

Community standards.

I have done much the same at the Matson suburban compound over the past three seasons. Most of my shrubs are now edible, perma-culture fixtures, and many of the trees are now fruit bearing that will at some point in the future return something of nutritional value.

This has of course brought about some measure of consternation from my HOA, but not my neighbors. Their children enjoy the seasonal blackberries and strawberries that they are free to pick in the afternoons and evening while out playing. They themselves have enjoyed the peppers, tomato’s, broccoli, and various other veg that comes out of my tiny raised bed. They have also supported my plans to close off parts of my property so that the gardening operation can be expanded without being seen from the street, and therefore the HOA weekly covenant patrols.

So, why put all of this effort into a postage stamp piece of suburban property?

Simple – it’s what I’ve got…

If I had acreage up in the hills, I would focus my efforts there. Instead, years ago when we made the decision to live where we are, the consideration for sustainability and survival was not part of our plans. What can I say, you grow up and see the world as a different place.

Besides, look at how the tribe comes together. Other neighbors have started small plots themselves and have a sense of community where before, there was none.

Shelter in place. Create community where no matter where you are. Sustainability is not about remote mountain locations with lots of canned food and ammo. It’s about resisting now and improving your situation before the balloon (or whatever) goes up.