The FSA Will Not be Denied

Denninger’s take on the real FSA and their expectations.

From the second link:

The school board’s last offer included a three percent raise the first year and two percent raises the next three years — a slight increase from an earlier offer of two percent raises in each of the next four years.

The package, which would cost $400 million, keeps increases for experience and credentials with some modifications.

Vitale said the contract amounted to a 16 percent raise over four years for the average teacher when factoring other increases. And the raises could not be rescinded for lack of funds — which is what happened this past school year, angering teachers and helping to set the stage for Monday’s strike.

Sixteen percent eh? Never had one quite that big. I wonder what it’s like?

I know this is Chicago, but let me put this into perspective. In my semi-metro Atlanta county, our school board superintendent makes $250,000 a year before benefits and bonus.

In the private world, before I would pay a good executive this much cash, I would be setting forth metric upon metric with which to measure, beyond the shadow of a doubt, every success and failure that could possibly be measured.

With the public sector, this kind of comp is handed out because, “that’s what it takes to find good talent…”.

All, we have dug this hole ourselves. Your friends, neighbors, and yes, families are the ones you should be looking over your shoulders for. I ain’t kiddin’…

Protestations as Opening Moves

This comment:

I’ll stand with the protesters as soon as I see signs calling for a 43% reduction in federal spending or asking Holder why the fuck he hasn’t prosecuted ANYONE. Until then I see them like Docj in Boston does: the youth brigade of the Free Shit Army.

From this thread.

Coupled with Chris’ post here.

This is only the beginning. This is only the start. Like Chris said:

The people on the front-lines might be underemployed, but they aren’t hungry yet in the literal sense.

How much of this is inside your CW2 battle space? How will this impact you today and going forward.

The Battlespace Shifts a Bit

On the statists finding their new demon to denigrate.

Again, not a political blog, but take this into account when discussing the upcoming battlespace.

If you think they’re nuts about the Tea Party crowd, what do you think they will say about Oathkeepers & the III%?

Dear readers, there are many, many more like the bigot in the article above who are even more radical than he is.

It’s not about race, or economic standing. It’s about the FSA (free shit army) and either keeping or getting more of what they already have lots of. There is no tinfoil here. It’s about status quo and getting what you think you are owed.

Things sure are getting interesting out there.

FSA Love & The Brutal Delimma

Prepare to repel boarders!

This is classic 4GW and CW2 Cube stuff.

Look at those around you – and not just those who don’t look like you. Contemplate what your neighbor of 10 years (or more) is doing to prepare and how far under the proverbial sand his and his wife’s heads are. What do you do about them? Convert them to willing accomplices through free food and support or fight them off? Interesting decision to make there.

That staunch Republican in the cul-de-sac will likely loose his free market or else principles rapidly when his kids are hungry.

“What’s yours is mine – sorry…”