The Next War

I read recently something that was quoted from somewhere. Sorry, but that’s what I have…

Essentially it goes like this, “the last war America fights will be against it’s own people…”.

Any of you ever think that maybe, if we have one more global round with whomever, the American people might use that time to better prepare themselves for that last fight? Maybe it’s a good thing that we get involved in just one more.

Merely a random thought. YMMV.


E&E – Getting to the Truck

The objective here is not to do a gear rating and bashing. I’m complete gear whore, I freely admit to that, but the purpose of this post is to share with my three readers how a glorified tech guy plans on surviving and thriving during adverse conditions.

Depending on what day it is – client meetings, executive playbook, interaction with my betters – will determine my dress. Most of the time this will be some kind of executype business dress – meaning: sport coat, shirt, pants, sans tie. I hate ties. They are a noose of mediocrity. I digress…

Below are my usual pocket contents, though being a knife person, the EDC blade does tend to change. It is one of many and they are similar. Notice the light, Exotac firestarter, and lip balm. Also notice how the lip balm is petroleum jelly and is a rather nice compliment to the Exotac. Get it?

I mentioned in an earlier post that I carry this in my backpack.

Here’s a shot of the thing. It’s a tank, built to take unbelievable amounts abuse:

A note about the carabiners. They are almost as useful as paracord. Besides, chicks dig ’em.

Here’s a content shot:

Notice the fixed blade and embassy pen. I am never without a fixed blade, no matter how small. This is a Bark River Bravo Necker. This is the one I stuck in my hand. Also contained in the bag are:

  • Medkit stocked with first aid gear, BOK, and OTC meds for travel.
  • Q-Tips (ever been on the road, needed one, and didn’t have one? that is a new level of hell.)
  • Accessory kit (yellow flag) containing the detritus of a information worker.
  • Paleo Trail Mix
  • The EDC kit from a few posts ago.
  • A pair of smartwool socks (thought i rarely wear boots and hikers anymore, having a clean pair of socks and drawers is a good thing).
  • Raingear.
  • Stainless water bottle or vacuum bottle – not pictured.

With this kit, I can survive for a couple of days given I can find shelter. Considering that I will be in an urban or suburban environment 99% of the time, that would be a true statement. Though, as I mentioned before, the goal here is not to be Bear Grylls and drink my own urine. The goal is to get to my truck, and in turn, get home.

One last thing not pictured is my sidearm.

Moving on, the truck. 4×4 (is there any other kind), reliable, and paid for. Debt is cancer BTW. Also, not new, trendy, and flashy. Nothing wrong with that, and I would again heartily agree that the concept of the gray man is ludicrous at best. I do however maintain that to be less of a target, you need to not stand out so much.

I have posted a few times on comms. See below:

This radio offers a lot for the investment. Digital for talking around the world and country. Analog for everything else. Lots of features.

Now that we are at the truck, the components for a longer term scenario, plus defense come into play.

Backpack, boots, range bag, toolkit, all on top of a genuine wool blanket.

A word on the redness of the pack. If you as an individual, during a time of crisis, strap on your AR, combat vest, milspec pack with molle attachments, you will not only attract the attention of those around you who are suffering and without, you will also attract the attention of the ones you really have to worry about – dotgov, dotmil, only ones, and their minions.

Contained in the above pack:

  • poncho
  • woobie (poncho liner)
  • 550 cord
  • firekit
  • several MRE’s
  • a really good fixed blade – ESEE6
  • hike stove & isopro
  • change of clothes (cargos, long and short sleeve poly shirts, drawers, socks)

Range bag hold what you think it would. I keep it in here because I never have it when I need it.

One thing you might notice is the ‘toolkit’. See below:

Kel-tec Sub2000 that uses Glock mags. You know, the same kind that feed my daily sidearm.

I’m pretty sure I can hear your inner ninja going, “Pfft, kel-tec. If you were a real tier 1 operator, you would have an SBR AR with an ACOG.”.

See, here’s the thing. I’m not a tier 1 operator. I’m a glorified network administrator who wants to get home to his wife and kids. This setup allows me to do so while still retaining the ability to lay down suppressive fire. Again, while interdiction and engagement are always something to prepare for, it is not the primary objective. The primary objective is to get to the truck and get home to the family and all the preps I have put in place over the years that we have lived there.

Look for the home load out version of this post in a few more days.

Systemic Instability

Go read this. CHS is a bit of an oracle. I read about half of his new book last night.

As Taleb has explained, the very act of suppressing fluctuations renders systems extremely prone to large-scale disruptions that are viewed as low-probability events, the infamous “black swans.” The key to understanding this rising likelihood of supposedly improbable disruptions is to understand the difference between linear and complex systems. Linear systems lend themselves to causal chains (A causes B which causes C) or probability (the odds of drawing two aces in a game of Blackjack) that can be calibrated with a high degree of accuracy.

Complex systems such as financial markets exhibit fractal or chaotic characteristics that lead to an unpredictability that is prone to disruption by seemingly small events. When volatility and risk (in political terms, dissent) are suppressed by central authorities, the variations that inform an open market (“variation is information”) are lost.

The misrepresentation (and thus the mispricing) of risk and the suppression of everything which doesn’t pander to the Status Quo is a defect not of individuals or specific institutions but of the entire system, including the Federal Reserve, the Treasury and the regulatory “alphabet soup” agencies (SEC, FDIC, etc.).

We all know and understand that as complexity increases, stability decreases. This seems to be a universal chaotic constant. Our economy and subsequent non-free markets will follow this trend.

There is no reason to believe that anything going forward will look like anything that has happened before. There will be a tipping point and we will make a radical turn.

Moving Forward

So, “the deal” is done. The can, as always, is once again kicked down the road for someone else to deal with. Any hope of a restorative solution from the flavor of the moment party is null & void.

What do you do?

It is obvious that you are out on the frontier all alone with one rifle, a box of ammo, and the horde is just over the next hill. You can hear them.

What do you do?

Remember, there are opportunities to thrive and not just survive.

Beans, bullets, band-aids, boots – stack it deep. Resilience will not be measured by these things, but not being hungry when you are trying to do something important later one will be a force multiplier. Being able to know (know) that your wife and kids will have something to quiet their hunger while you go about your (new) daily tasks will be invaluable.

Prepare now. Help your neighbors. Build your tribe. Acquire knowledge and skills that will be needed in the future – now. Help those around you be sustainable and self-sufficient.

Keep your wits about you and watch your six. Interesting times indeed.




It’s Somewhat Comforting

It’s strangely comforting to see that nothing ever changes…

Throughout my entire life (other side of 30), it has been the same crap from both sides. Driving the populace to distraction with their preening in front of willing cameras and networks. It has always felt just slightly above the same crap I had to deal with in middle school.

This time. This time the train is really about to come off the tracks and our society (globally) is slated for drastic change.

Those of you who hold on to the old world of thinking do so at your own peril. You will likely survive and in some ways even prosper.

For those of you who have the ability to accept the change headed for your faces at 1000Mph, there will be endless opportunities to prosper and thrive. The game is changing. It is up to you to figure out how to work the new system in all its glory.

Change You Can Believe In

It was a blissfully technology free weekend.

I worked around the compound, fixed a few things, tended the garden and yard, and played with my kids – a lot.

I also spent some time with my neighbors discussing the gathering storm. We have lived in our idyllic, surburban nightmare for 11 long years now and our relationships with most of the immediate neighbors are really quite good. Most are reliable people who will lend a hand or resource when you need it – you know, they act like neighbors.

Even though with tax credits and stupid low interest rates changing the demographic of our CW2 Cube Space, the circle has remained tight and like minded.

We discussed long term plans, the eventual additional 20% value drop in property, and what we think we might need to do to weather and storm. Security strategies got laid on the table, as well as, food storage, canning, wildlife management, and various other issues that will need to be addressed in the longterm.

We are not planning for the end of the world, merely a shift in how society will be managed and dealt with as a whole. These conversations are crucial going forward. Are you having them?


Rehersal for the Big Die Off – Take Two

Echoes of last summer here in Atlanta.

This impacts your plans and the CW2 battlespace to a great degree.

Health officials said they processed 4,000 to 5,000 applicants on Thursday morning, adding that as many as 15,000 could ask to be put on a list with only 3,800 vouchers available over the next few years.

Welcome to the future.

Demand vs. Supply

See this article from Zerohedge.

The macro statement of the entire article here – it drives the point home:

Yet the take home message is clear: resource shortages are coming back with a vengeanceas physical limits on growth once again appear.

This statement is intriguing:

So, while up until now less than one billion people have accounted for three-quarters of global consumption, over the course of the next two decades, the new Chinese, Indian, Indonesian, Latin American and African middle classes will bring an additional two billion consumers with similar needs and aspirations as today’s North American, European and Japanese consumers.

I would question the validity of the rise of the emerging economies. China is clearly a bubble waiting to burst in just about every conceivable aspect. Similar states are now showing signs of economic weakness. I still subscribe to the 4GW and Global Guerrillas mindset more than any other. That is not to say that there is no weight to the quote above – I believe it is valid in part. I do not trust the human nature angle to this part. Historically governments, culture, and people from these parts of the world have not subscribed to the rapid growth, western based economic model. It simply has not been embraced. That is not to say that change of this magnitude cannot occur – only that given the historical track record it is not likely to move in that direction.

Where does that lead the western world, specifically America?

Our population is not growing and the aging gimme class will continue to demand the perks they sold out the later generations for. See this Zerohedge bit for a good laugh.

Keep in mind these generational pressures. How do they impact your preps and plans? How does this impact the CW2 Cube? How do you consolidate resources, contacts, and relationships withing your community and larger “tribe” to prosper during the transition?