Pub vs. Priv

I have worked in the private sector for all of my life with the exception of a three month period where I spent time in a college bookstore. I mention that not to speak about the perils of government based employment, but only to be completely honest and open about myself and where I have been.


I have very close family members who are government employees, and many others who, at one time or another, or for their entire careers, work for a contractor that profits from the state.
Here in lies the problem:
The state should never be used as a profit center.

That is a simple statement that has far reaching implications. As a society we should seek to demonize and at the very least scrutinize those who would view the state as a way to make a living regardless of that profession. The state is a service and should be treated as such – long term pensions with return rates 80% higher than the private sector are simply delusional forms of extortion by your friends, family, and neighbors.
The recent protests in Wisconsin are a perfect example of this:
Dear parasite, when did it become your right to receive generous returns at the detriment of your friends and neighbors? Why should you become another class of “something other than citizen” on the backs of your fellow man?

Readers, the problem with our Once Great Republic is not with Washington D.C. and various other capitals across this nation. It is with your friends, neighbors, and in many cases family that have become entitled parasites who seek to profit (for decades to come) on your tax dollars while you watch the price of food increase almost 40% year over year.