Rumors In Bewteen Meetings: Issa to ditch Gunwalker

Heard a rumor that John Boehner is calling halt to Issa’s Gunwalker investigation.

Calls into Issa’s office have not yielded confirmation via ARFCom.

If true, does it surprise you? Really?

All by design kids…

As the dark clouds of Gunwalker gather – Is anyone surprised?

Based on what you know about the current group of weasels in dotgov, is any of this truly a surprise to you?

Codrea said a while back (paraphrased):

“There is no way the first black president will fire the first black attorney general.”

And hey listen, it’s not about the dude’s skin color. It never has been. That’s just ‘the other hand’ moving in another circle. I maintain that Holder is doing such a good job where he is that OPFOR would be outright insane to pull him out. He is too bloody effective.

Keep training. Keep up the PT. Stack it deep.

Political Observations

Not a political blog. Never will be, though I believe that the following will have drastic impact on FREFOR/OPFOR going forward.

A few predictions and opinions:

  • Romney will emerge as the clear Republican lead and get the nomination. This is based on my suspicion that he already has it sown up and this debate cycle with the rest of the crowd is merely theater to show the populace that they do indeed have some kind of say in big party politics.
  • Obama will win in 2012. Not by the same margin as before, but will eek out a victory and spin it as a crystal clear mandate that he is indeed the chosen one who will in the soon to be immortal words of Chris Rock, “Get his real gangster shit on…”.
  • #gunwalker, while horrible and infecting dotgov across the board, will fizzle and be replaced by something just as bad that will also be ignored by 99% of the Fourth Branch of Government.
  • To distract from the #depression, dotgov will launch some kind of offensive on Iran. This will happen in the next 12 months. Whether it will be initiated by the Israelis is of no consequence. The engagement will eventually become a US operation.

Merely opinions. YMMV.

Its Demise Was Greatly Exaggerated

So, what unspeakable evil would take it’s place, should this unspeakable evil go away?

The TSA? The FBI? Some weird, new DOJ entity that is even more violent, compromised, and corrupted to the core?

All, pretty simple stuff here. Watch the other hand. Not in tin foil hat territory here either. A shift in power, not an increase in your Liberty. Not in the slightest.

Moves: We are but Shawdows & Dust

While not a political blog, movements such as these impact the CW2 landscape going forward.

Since Sipsey Street should be on your twice daily reading list, I won’t go into Gunwalker details.

However, the evil bastard waiting in the wings makes stuff like Gunwalker seem pale by comparison. Tavenner is an acolyte of the statist church.

I cannot help but think that this is part of larger move to say, “Hey, we’ve been without leadership long enough, and look what’s happened! We need some real leadership in here so that something like this never happens again.”

Whoosh! Statist prick in charge with a hardcore bureaucratic mandate to take away even more of your personal liberty.

Just sayin’…