So, here we are…

I find myself at an impasse with my fellow Americans.

I no longer believe in the system. I want change, but I am also smart enough to understand that government will not be the motivating factor for that nor will it ever be the solution. I am also smart enough to understand that there is no way we can ever go back to what the Republic was intended to be – not after the last century or so of foreign intervention, war and sizable growth of an out of control state.

We are stuck as a people. We are hanging on by a thread over the ledge of tyranny and cannot decide to let go and fall headfirst into history or drag our collective carcasses back onto the plateau of freedom and prosperity.

In fact, I’m not sure that we have the will to do either.

In the coming months, I will have more to say on these topics, but for now, know this.

Something wicked this way comes and every one of you – old, young, rich, poor, intelligent, stupid – will reap what has been sown.