Ideas are Timeless

See AP post here. I stole the title from the first comment because, as always, someone else said it better and I’m lazy.

See Patriot’s Lament here for the linked post.

These goons just won’t stop. They think so little of us serfs they don’t even want to bother having to hear our voices. Whatever happened to the Right to Petition grievances? Have you goons not read about the colonist and king George?
Nah, that’s to much trouble.

See, here’s the rub. Ideas are timeless. The thought police push further and further, and these laws (writs on paper) are just that. The spirit of Liberty still lives with some of us. It is those few who will stand our ground as the forces of darkness encroach further upon the masses.

I for one would never stand for this. I am armed ALL of the time – even when the state says I cannot be. Whatever happened to disregarding excrement like this and going forward as free men? Where are the free men & women?

As CA so succinctly puts it, I am already dead. It is what I do with the time I have left here that counts.

* – An aside… Heads down this week trying to become an even filthier rich capitalist pig. Posting will be light to non-existent.