If I’m Honest, This Stings a Bit

And, what I say below downright hurts…

NC Renegade, via Kerodin.

I have faith in the real American people. The people who are moral and virtuous. The people who understand the concept of both honor and sacred Honor.  The people who will stop putting their future in the hands of politicians. The people who will sacrifice everything to give their children back their Freedom.

I respectfully disagree. We are not moral & virtuous. In fact, I cannot remember back to a time in my life when we were either of these. Tough, resourceful, independent, yes. Morality and virtue? Not so sure.

Now, before you start firing up that email client or hammering down the comment section, let me clarify. There are those who walk among us who are. In fact, there are lots of them. My point is that the majority of my countrymen are not. The III% are few an far between. They are the exception rather than the rule and that is my point.

Cheap money, nice, fine, touring saloons at low interest rates over 60 months. A 3000 sq ft shoddily built house that in reality resembles an ATM rather than a home. Careers spent chasing the next comma in your annual income instead of stepping out and doing or making. This is what Americans are now.

Sir, I appreciate your post more than you could ever know, and hope to God almighty that I am completely wrong in my opinion.

On Scout Rifles

Oh yes. Oh yes indeed.

Kerodin says that “every patriot needs one”.

I would go a bit further and say every able bodied man in the country needs one. Fathers should get one for each child as they come of age. Wives and daughters as well.

This is the Swiss Army Knife of guns. Simple as that.

Here’s the concept:

Light, fast, good solid chambering, magazine fed, bolt gun. Cooper idealized the platform as something to serve the user with its inherent versatility and flexibility. If you ever saw him shoot his Steyr, he would throw it up to his shoulder and pop a man sized target out to 200 yards. He called it the “Snap Shot”. I never trained with him or went to Gunsite. I saw him do this on Shooting USA or something similar years ago. In fact, that was the first time (i think I was in my very early 20’s) when I was introduced to the concept. 15 minutes after seeing this, I called my local gun store and asked them to order me a Steyr Scout. It was only after they told me the price that I gasped, said ‘no thanks’ and hung up.

Fast forward a few years and I picked up a Mosin Nagant and scouted it all up using after market this and that. I still have said abomination. I’ve killed more deer & hogs with it than I would ever admit to in a public setting. 7.62x54r is one hell of a hammer. The Mosin however, is not really a true scout. For that, according to Cooper, it would have to be in .308win, have a bigger mag, and come with a bi-pod.

Fast forward again a few years to the Savage Scout. Great rifle. Limited production run and not a good seller. I missed that window.

Forward still, Ruger introduces something akin to a scout – maybe the frontier? Don’t know. I was too busy doing grad school and thinking about how to pay for that second and third kid.

However, last year, the final ball dropped.

Ruger GSR. Ho-lee-crap. Best rifle ever.

Again, not a true scout per Cooper – no bi-pod. But, it’s close enough for me.

Just after I snapped the above pic, I dropped an eight point about 180 yards off to my left. Later on that season, I popped a doe at sub-50 yards, got down to check her, looked up in the opposite direction and saw two bucks about 100 yards out behind where I was.

Here’s where the scout concept shines dear readers…

I chambered another round, brought the rifle up and dropped buck #1, worked the bolt and put a round into buck #2.

Get it? Long range accuracy, high round count mags, solid .308win, long eye relief optics for extremely fast follow ups. Cooper’s concept proved out. BTW – tier 1 operator? Nope. Pushing 40 glorified network admin.

On my last three training exercises I have taken my GSR as my back up or “bench rifle” while the others in the group tote Savages or Remchesters that weigh twice as much. Gee guys, with optics and two spare mags you are still south of a middle level AR or AK.

Is it an SSG? Nope. Some AI, or custom Remchester thing that shoots sub-MOA. Nope. Though, I would argue it is one of the most flexible rifles out there today. You could do a lot worse, but you would have a really tough time and spend lots and lots of cash to do better.

Go get one.

Observe & Report

Rich T sends.

My two…

1. The ‘suspect was high on drugs’ mantra may be true, though it is likely a standard propaganda based answer. Here’s why, this is a broad daylight, open attack on a LEO, and while this is Philly, that cannot be a normal thing. It is, by all intents and purposes, an open escalation in the level of violence against the local law. And, while this dude was likely stoned, I doubt his altered state of mind drove him to sustain 4 rounds without much initial effect. Everything must remain normal. Everyone, especially the supporters out in the ‘burbs who actually fund the FSA, have to be placated at all costs. Go to work. Do your commutes. The LEO’s are your friends. All is well. Be well to each other.

2. For the locals to not call 911, or assist in any way is indicative of any inner city in America. Again, maintain normality. All is well. I would venture to guess that out here in the ‘burbs, that response would be different. The other side of the FSA out here still thinks that the state and it’s agents are your friends.

Keep these in mind. Observe and report.

Alternate question & scenario:

How would you, as a III, be able to incorporate this into your OODA loop?

Rich, thanks for putting this out there. Good stuff.


The Long, Hot Summer Indeed

Prayers Mike. Always.

Our long, hot summer ahead.

Deployed to the Rockpile unless redirected to Chicago. That would not surprise me in the least. I thought the summer of 2009 would have been it, but it looks like the odds are increasing by the minute on a very bloody summer across our Once Great Republic.

The same old political and social class stratification arguments are pushing us in directions that we never wanted to go. Intentional? At this point, does it really matter?

AP has a good one here. Fairly sure I agree with him. I lived in that area of FL for a long time and understand the very simple cultural aspects of that part of our country. And quite honestly, this is getting worse and worse.

An no, Mr. Kerodin, I’m not sure I am ready for true evil.

Want some heartfelt insight? Doesn’t matter. That’s the kind of mood I’m in this evening.

Every Sunday, for the last few weeks, as I sit in church and listen to one of the greatest communicators that the world has ever seen, one constant prayer plays over and over in my mind:

“Lord, please, let us find a way out that doesn’t come to a fight. Please let us go on, and find that one way out that won’t involve bloodshed.”