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My Two Personal Action Items.
Posted by Ann Barnhardt – November 4, AD 2011 9:02 PM MST

1. I am finished paying Federal taxes. Enough is enough. I refuse to hand over money to criminals. I refuse to subsidize the covert arming of Mexican drug cartels. I refuse to subsidize the slaughter of preborn children. I refuse to fund the Muslim Brotherhood and other musloid regimes who are engaging in genocide and overt, declared war against me, my country and our allies. I cannot give money to this government in good conscience any more than I could give money to the Third Reich in 1941. It is now to the point where supporting this government is very, very likely a mortal sin. God is first. God is first. God is first.

2. I will be moving my money out of the mega-banks in favor of small, locally owned banks and credit unions. Enough is enough.

I have made my decision, and let it now be done to me according to God’s will.

Good on her. Goes against what Andy & NPCC talked about with Recovery Road. Not saying that’s right or wrong. Just saying that it’s a different approach. Until this begins to happen on a mass scale, like greater than 50% of the tax paying population in America, I fear that Ann’s tale of resistance will be a short one. Merely an observation, YMMV.