BAC: Words Escape Me

I simply do not see how anyone out there who is capable of reading financial statements would say that BAC is anywhere near solvent.

At sub $6 a share, it would seem that based upon that alone, they would need recapitalization on a grand scale. Take their “off balance sheet assets” into account and they, along with their giant brethren were all completely insolvent literally years ago.

Zerohedge regales us:

As of milliseconds ago, one share of Bank of America stock is now $5.99, a level it has not seen since the apocalypse back in March 2009, and upon penetrating it, a huge volume surge followed as an avalanche of sell orders were activated. However, we are confident this will be temporary. According to largely amusing rumors, Bank of America will follow through with its expropriation procedure and withdraw $5 from longs’ brokerage accounts for each share they hold, effectively doubling the market cap in the process. So you see: there is nothing to worry about.

“If we couldn’t laugh we would all go insane…”

Telegraphing Your Move

Watch BAC today.

Zerohedge commented that if it falls below $6, that TARP2 might be in the works.

Not sure if $6 is the magic number here, but I would say there is a pretty good possibility that TARP2 is on the horizon. At this juncture, inflating the currency further is likely the only Keynesian move that makes sense. Put on your tinfoil (just a bit) and see how many excellent opportunities Opfor is afforded with a radically inflationary environment. I’m sure they are just giddy at the possibilities.

These big banks are insolvent. All of them. Keeping up appearances is all they have.