As the dark clouds of Gunwalker gather – Is anyone surprised?

Based on what you know about the current group of weasels in dotgov, is any of this truly a surprise to you?

Codrea said a while back (paraphrased):

“There is no way the first black president will fire the first black attorney general.”

And hey listen, it’s not about the dude’s skin color. It never has been. That’s just ‘the other hand’ moving in another circle. I maintain that Holder is doing such a good job where he is that OPFOR would be outright insane to pull him out. He is too bloody effective.

Keep training. Keep up the PT. Stack it deep.


On VIPR Patrols & Checkpoints

Maybe I should just start humping my carbine around slung with my sidearm in the open carry position?

Think that might get their attention?

I jest. I’ll be the one armed to the teeth and observing from a convenient distance – you know, gathering intel.