The Black Heart of America

Perhaps you should peruse your Facebook feed this morning and make note of those who chose to abstain from the midnight feeding frenzy of rampant consumerism.

Those might be people to build tribe with.

Self Determination – Stalls & Crashes

Bill Whittle courtesy of WRSA.

When, not if.

Build tribe – locally. Stop worrying about what any movement is doing and get busy. The importance of those things will become clearer with time.

All for now, more later.

Wits & powder dear readers. Wits & powder.

How Many Friends In High Places Do You Have?

I have none. Seriously. Aside from some local contacts in city & county government, I have nothing.  I even stopped harassing my reps a couple of years ago after they blatantly ignored me – you know, one more time.

The crony’ism of that solar energy company and GE is quickly setting the precedent going forward for a large business climate. The oligarchy moves forward a bit more eh? Not surprising in the slightest.

Brings the local sustainability thing into even sharper focus now, doesn’t it?