My Favorite Tools #3: Exotac Nano StrikerXL

Can be found here. Local GA company.

I take mine off when I shower and when I go to bed. Any other time, it’s around my neck.

Fully assembled with a fetching piece of paracord I might add.



Here’s and exploded view with all the pieces disassembled. The fero rod is replaceable.



I love this thing. I bought an original Nano Striker when they first appeared, but the larger XL is light years more functional.

I have started many a fire while out on the trail and at the hunting lease with this one. Fantastic creation.



Notice the striker on the left. Works great despite the size. Keeps you from mucking up your knife’s spine. Also convenient when you don’t have a fixed blade around.

I never leave the house without it.

My Favorite Tools #2: SOG Power Assist EOD Multi Tool

See below…



Mine is about 10 years old now. Here is the latest incarnation.

SOG builds good stuff, or, they did when I bought this and a couple of other things made by them in the last decade. They have a giant bowie that I still want to get, but that’s another story for another day.

It has everything you would expect from a multi tool. Good lock up and the usual bits. Everything is replaceable as well. And hey, no Leatherman politics…

I have repaired everything from a bike, to a 4 wheeler, various guns, several trucks, and even had it sent to Canada once because when I was there I needed a set of tools and a knife and wanted it all in one package. It’s traveled the world… Or, at least southern Ontario.

It’s a close friend at this point.

My Favorite Tools: #1 – Buck 110



About $35 virtually anywhere. I have several, Mrs. Matson one, and each kid at least two.

Good steel, keeps an edge, and fantastic geometry for anything from cleaning game to (i suppose) sticking in a fellow human. So ubiquitous here in the deep south that any dot gov minion would not even think twice to see that pouch on your belt that says ‘Buck’.

I have cleaned countless whitetail with this one, gutted many a fish, and carved off shavings for a fire while out on the trail. And, while there are better, more tacticool EDC ones out there, you could do much, much worse.

You should stop reading this post now, and go get a couple. One to keep on your person and one to put away somewhere safe.

It’s a tool, and a damn good one.