Disaster Mythology: Your real enemies are not who you think they are…

As usual, the state and their agents of fortune are the one you need to guard against.

Read here, all of it including the embedded PDF.

Thanks to CA for posting. This is one of the better pieces of intel I have yet to see.

The sensationalistic and false Katrina stories are part of a broader phenomenon sociologists and other scholars refer to “Disaster Mythology.” In short, the Disaster Mythology is that following a disaster the streets become a post-apocalypse landscape of zombie-like marauders raping and pillaging.  Instead, the empirical research of disasters including studies of what actually happened in the after-math of Katrina itself shows just the opposite, that generally speaking there is an overall increase in pro-social behaviors and a decrease in anti-social ones.  However, it is the perception and expectation of these terrible outcomes which leads law enforcement, government and even ordinary citizens to act in ways that are counter-productive to the common good as well as damaging to everyone’s civil liberties during emergency situations.

For an excellent review of this scholarship, we can recommend a fascinating article recently published in The Cornell Law Review by law school Professor Lisa Grow Sun called Disaster Mythology and The Law.  Her research reveals not only what actually happens following disasters, but has led her to call for structural changes to disaster management, the most important of which are to focus on humanitarian responses (as opposed to military ones) and to remove FEMA from the DHS.

Local PD and Deputies, maybe not so much. Mercs, 82nd, and Nat Guard, probably ought to hold back, gather intel, and figure out a plan. Coordinated efforts with regard to that crew will go a long way to keeping the tribe intact, geared up, and still able to defend and operate. This is recent historical proof that in times of crisis, the idiot from southwest Fulton county is far less a threat to you & your tribe than the agents of dotgov.

Plan accordingly.