Learning to make terror your friend

I like this, a lot:

Americans, however, seem incapable of understanding that the natives don’t appreciate invaders any more than Americans would like an army of Muslim teenagers running around Texas, breaking down doors at midnight and generally shooting up the place while trying to uplift it with their own culture. Americans, foolishly, are living in the past and think the world still sees them as liberators, as they were in France almost 70 years ago. Is it possible, instead, that the US has turned into an aggressor abroad and a police state at home?

So far, with the exception of the events of 9/11, the US has had very little blowback for attacking foreign countries without even the courtesy of a declaration of war. However, as Washington antagonizes more groups around the world, the targets eventually will decide to take the war back to the US simply because it’s the intelligent way to fight. So in the years to come, the US is likely to see lots of terrorism in the “homeland” (a disturbing new term) itself. It will, perversely, have created exactly what it was trying to avoid.

Again, I’m not sure how else to say this, so I will, again, just throw it out there:

The lessons learned and technology deployed in the ‘war on terror’ will eventually be employed on the US population.

Don’t think for second that because you hear Lee Greenwood playing in your head that they (yes Suzie, they) won’t come for you. Your credit driven lifestyle, your corporate gig, your trendy suburban tract home, or your leased Merc won’t matter in the slightest.

What is coming is nasty, raw, and violent. You will be lucky if you live through it.

A Very American Perspective

Recovery Road with Andy Stanley.

Part IV will be online sometime tomorrow. In the meantime, get the first three.

Andy’s message to this is very nation state ‘centric. That’s fine. Anything at this point will likely help.

Put on your rose colored glasses and harness up your magic unicorn for what the nation could be like if even just a fraction of the population did what he said. I would be floored if one – just one – congress critter stood up after watching this series and said, “you know he’s right. i suck, and i resign”.

Probably not going to happen, but it’s a nice thought.

The other practical side of the series (from a non-biblical PoV), is that these accountability standards apply to your tribe or the new version of our nation going forward.

Moral Authority comes from your ability to Walk Your Talk. In order to lead, or be led, Moral Authority must be part of the equation.


The World Will End on Tuesday

I was discussing this with Mrs. Matson over morning emails.

As an aside before I get to my point…

I have always found it astounding that the landscape and culture of a city can so drastically change in just a few square miles. Almost as if you pass into another country or world all together.

I digress.

My point.

After visiting the link, reading the bit that passes as an article, watching the video, and finally, reading a few comments, what is your take?

Mine generated a few questions:

  1. What is the percentage dispersion of EBT/Foodstamps in the county where I currently reside?
  2. How many of my suburban neighbors are on EBT/Foodstamps?
  3. What’s your plan for saying yea/nay to neighbor seeking help in crisis or troubled times?
  4. What is your plan for when said neighbor finds out that you do indeed have the ability to feed yourself in times of crisis?

I’ll be honest with you here. Even after two weeks of NPCC & the Recovery Road series with Andy, I’m still hesitant to change my fundamental way of thinking which is along the lines of extreme threat mitigation.

My first reaction is to load mags and prepare to repel boarders.

This is however, not how it works. Doing the above will not foment support from your neighbors and they are ultimately who make up your tribe.

The above story takes place within a relatively short drive of the Matson compound. I would imagine that could also be a doable walk for someone hungry enough.


Weekend Recap

Daughter #1 was baptized yesterday. Good stuff. Ginormous celebration.

When you have a moment, please go listen to Recovery Road parts I & II from Northpoint Community Church’s Andy Stanley.

You want an angle? You want to help restore something? Watch this series. Even if you are not a follower of Christ, there are so many useful bits of wisdom in this, it will benefit you.

Christ follower or not – I challenge you to work through at least one of these and see what happens.

End of Western Civ

Not referring to the class you slept through in your undergrad studies.

Comments are enlightening. Hat tip to CA @ Western Rifle Shooters. Glad you are out there.

See part six of this series. Sorry, I cannot do a direct link with their kooky flash stuff (my emphatic vote for HTML5). Lots of good parallels in there that will help shape the conversation about the Gates of Vienna article. Please, take the time to listen to Andy after you read the above and following comments.

“Capitalism with a conscience…”

Defining our tribe now and helping them prepare will help lessen the doom. Though, it is brutally hard to see what is coming and know that at the core it could have been prevented and that you are powerless to stop it from happening.