At some level, this was/is true

Perspectives, by Phelps:

There are 800,000 law enforcement officers in America.

The FBI did five million NICS checks for people buying firearms in America — in November and December 2012 alone.

That’s over six guns per cop in the last two months.

Confiscation?  You better start negotiation.

I get the narcissistic arrogance of the regime and cronies in both houses – including Republicans. However, there still must be some level of rationality to empty guns tore shelves, national back orders of 1 million + AR mags, and the fact that .223 is so scarce right now, it’s going for almost $1 a round. Some logical shred of thought has to be in there somewhere. It has echoes of Bob Owens all over it.

If I was someone in the regime’s camp, I would have looked at all the above and said, “uh, hold up there a minute barry, them thar peasants are a might itchy on the trigger there”.

While grabbing a cheeseburger last Friday with a mate, we were discussing the tired old adage, “Why do you need a thirty round magazine?” and I said simply, and perhaps a bit too loud in a public place, “I need it for shooting politicians who have become tyrants…”. There was an echo of “Amen!” & “Bet your ass!”.

Interesting times indeed when Smashburger becomes a hotbed of subversion.



Politics: Comments Overheard

While wading through the comments on this over at CA’s Intel Hub, Mike said:

I may be wrong, but I do believe Obama will pull this off.

What Carter could not do, Obama will: utilize the full power of the State (DOJ Civil Rights Division, for example), the full power of the MSM, the full power of racial invective, and the tools of mass mobilization (FB, and so on) to eke out a victory in November. As sad as it sounds, the U.S. of 2012 is no longer the U.S. of 1980 — and 2008 proved it.

The need for a Nietzschean “Dear Leader” is palpable. Vendors outside the DNC were selling hagiographic memorabilia of Obama using John 3:16 (“For God so loved the world…”) to pose Obama as the Son of God. Inside the Convention, the Dems were doing one better: removing “God” from their platform, leaving Government and Obama as the new implicit Deity. Villaraigosa rammed “God” back in there, but he did so over the protests of most of the delegates — and we all know that the Dems put it back in for tactical reasons, not because they truly have a God aside from Obama. It doesn’t get more unhinged than that; it’s mass psychosis, and most of the country is infected with it. Obama is the beneficiary, and a transitory one at that, but he is a useful marker of our decline: a Nation that can elect an Obama is a Nation that will not last long. Hence the need to prepare for the eventual break-up of the U.S.

I am not particularly religious, but even I am scared as hell of the Dems now. This hunger to deify a mortal man signals the end of any republican inclination in a large percentage of the American populace, just as the same urge to deification signaled the end of the Roman Republic. History doesn’t always repeat, but it does rhyme.

And I hope we all are clear on what such a population is capable of.

Especially this:

This hunger to deify a mortal man signals the end of any republican inclination in a large percentage of the American populace, just as the same urge to deification signaled the end of the Roman Republic. History doesn’t always repeat, but it does rhyme.

That’s some scary excrement right there.

Sic transit gloria mundi.

Whenever man is given the spotlight, our true nature shines through and literally millions die. It. Happens. Every. Damn. Time. Why would this time be any different? Add our current tech levels to that equation and you have the formula for mass slaughter on a historically epic scale.

This is not an, “he must be defeated at any cost…” post either. The other guy is just as bad – only delaying the inevitable. It’s the philosophical construct here.

The state is not God. It will never be. Man is imperfect and deeply flawed. Relying on the morality of either of those will cause civilization to tumble.



The Heating of the Rhetoric

In my life, I never thought I would see an article like this out in the open and not buried down in some obscure, tinfoil hat publication:

Whatever chicanery Obama and his investors may be contemplating, it will probably unfold against some gargantuan crisis, manufactured or otherwise.  So cast your mind back to September 11, 2001, the day of the New York mayoral primary.

I fear some of this may come to fruition between now and January 2013.

only the best cheater wins

On open mics and foreign pandering

This guy is merely a cog. He wields no actual power, and makes no decisions except what he wants as a midnight snack.

If you believe any different, you are essentially a fool.

While these actions will impact the upcoming unpleasantness, your day to day marches on as usual. Keep your head up, your wits about you, and your powder dry. Do not let this paltry distraction allow your focus to shift from building your tribe and asserting your individual Liberty.

Ideas are Timeless

See AP post here. I stole the title from the first comment because, as always, someone else said it better and I’m lazy.

See Patriot’s Lament here for the linked post.

These goons just won’t stop. They think so little of us serfs they don’t even want to bother having to hear our voices. Whatever happened to the Right to Petition grievances? Have you goons not read about the colonist and king George?
Nah, that’s to much trouble.

See, here’s the rub. Ideas are timeless. The thought police push further and further, and these laws (writs on paper) are just that. The spirit of Liberty still lives with some of us. It is those few who will stand our ground as the forces of darkness encroach further upon the masses.

I for one would never stand for this. I am armed ALL of the time – even when the state says I cannot be. Whatever happened to disregarding excrement like this and going forward as free men? Where are the free men & women?

As CA so succinctly puts it, I am already dead. It is what I do with the time I have left here that counts.

* – An aside… Heads down this week trying to become an even filthier rich capitalist pig. Posting will be light to non-existent.

American Economic Indicators

Much like Atlanta, Knoxville seems to have suffered according to Tam:

Meanwhile, the TeeWee talking heads are cooing at the Dow passing 13,000 again. Investors, they say, are excited about yet another Greek bailout. Let me get this straight: Germany has taken out another cash advance on its maxed-out credit card and given it to its deadbeat cousin, Greece, who swears that this time they’ll use the money to get a haircut and a job, instead of wasting it on hookers and blow again, and investors take this as a good sign?

Every time I hear the words “Leading economic indicators are…” come out of a newscaster’s mouth these days, I expect them to be followed by “…from the planet Mars.”

To add to that, places that should be seeing some kind of uptick in revenue (people not eating steak, but shifting to cheap fast food) are not:

Get this: these deals are usually priced in multiples of EBITDA, that is, the earnings before interest, taxes, amortization and depreciation. For non-accountants like me, all that matters is that annual EBITDA  for this package at the time the sale contract was signed four months ago was roughly $900k, so a sale price of 3x EBITDA (a steal, BTW) would be $2.7 million.

So what happened while we were doing all the due diligence, licensing, and other legal crap to actually complete the sale? Well, in the last three months of 2011, yes food costs rose, but more importantly sales plummeted. I am not going to quote numbers because I can’t, but I can say the combination dropped annual EBITDA to roughly $500k. That means that sale price of $2.7 million was transformed to more than 5x EBITDA, taking this from a really good deal to being some of the most overpriced restaurants in the country.

That also means much more than just “oh one year was $400k worse than the other.” It means that just this past quarter alone was SO bad that it caused that kind of drop to the annual figure for this package of stores.

Something to ponder. Spooky indeed.

CA’s Salient Points on Gunwalker

Read the post here. Important bits below:

– The Communist President of the United States is well on the path to re-election.

– There is NO – repeat: NO – effective political opposition to the President and his treasonous policies in the House, the Senate, or the judiciary.

– You have an army of more than 2.15 million Federal leeches and tyrants standing over you.

– There will be a massive tax hike on January 1, 2013 that will further tank the already-moribund American economy.

– The few electoral political restraints on the Mighty Kenyan and his stooges will disappear should he be re-elected to a second term.

– The Republican Party is completely finished as anything but a junior collaborator in the destruction of America.

– And most importantly to each of you, you and your families are consider irredeemable kulaks by the Obama regime – suitable only for plunder and eventual relocation to reeducation facilities.

Yes, it can, and will happen here. Yes, some of your neighbors will be cheering this on – at least 44% of them. This is the battlespace in which you will be forced to operate in. There are workflows and processes that will successfully oppose this tyranny.

Prep and plan now. Time truly is running out.


As the dark clouds of Gunwalker gather – Is anyone surprised?

Based on what you know about the current group of weasels in dotgov, is any of this truly a surprise to you?

Codrea said a while back (paraphrased):

“There is no way the first black president will fire the first black attorney general.”

And hey listen, it’s not about the dude’s skin color. It never has been. That’s just ‘the other hand’ moving in another circle. I maintain that Holder is doing such a good job where he is that OPFOR would be outright insane to pull him out. He is too bloody effective.

Keep training. Keep up the PT. Stack it deep.