Always Something Left to Remind Me


Go read Vox Day’s book and you will have a better understanding of where we actually are. Karl is awesome, but Vox puts these tickers into a broader perspective and allows you to see what is going on from a macro perspective.

There are rough (very rough) waters ahead.

The theater happening on the national and international level is just a show. The following will happen:

  • The US’s credit rating will take a hit.
  • Interest rates and credit availability will rise and contract respectively.
  • You will lose ever more of your personal liberties.
  • The dollar’s value will fall even further, reducing your purchasing power.
  • Commodities like food, energy, and fuel will rise in price accordingly.

Times are going to get a lot worse and the mask of the last four years will be lifted in the short term.

Readers, 2012 and beyond will look nothing like the last 30 years…