Nothing to see here. Move along.

Gold says goodbye to $1700.

Seventeen hundred…

But hey, some kind of something about something is on TV tonight! Woohoo! Stuff! Wow.


so, let’s talk about this

From Zerohedge…

First, oh shit!

Second, not really a surprise.

Like the initial monetization of our debt by the FED almost three years ago, this will mark a waypoint on the path to our eventual collapse. And yes Mrs. Matson, it can happen here.

As such, all those Americans pushing China to revalue, may want to consider that such an action could well guarantee hyperinflation, once the Fed is stuck as being the only buyer of US debt.

Not sure that I am 100% on the bandwagon with the hyper-inflation crowd, but it is an interesting idea to say the least.

Dear readers, these kinds of things lead to war on a macro scale.

About Japan, but read my pull out quote…

Denninger strikes again. Karl, buddy, I’m glad you’re out there.

What this means is that when, not if, things go sideways you have had a demonstration in bright lights and bold neon paint that governments will at best do nothing useful and at worst will expend resources in the wrong places compared to the most-important agenda items toward stabilization of the situation at hand.

In short when things go pear-shaped you will either help yourself or you will suffer from whatever circumstance arises.

If that is not a compelling reason to get your house in order in the shortest possible term, please, continue charging against your Visa/Amex/MC/Discover – everything will be just peachy…