We Need More of This

Full of win here. Simply full of win.

‘We had nothing to pursue him with,’ said Newport Chief Deputy Philip Brooks, who went outside to see seven of his fleet’s 11 vehicles destroyed.

Denninger’s take on this is really good. He drives the ultimate point home – and no, it’s not about the ‘war on (some) drugs’…

Government — and laws — exist only with the consent of the governed.  This man withdrew his consent.  Yes, he will be punished for that act, and he should be — destruction of property (unless it’s your own) is a crime.  Nonetheless the fact remains that at some point the cost of telling people what to do with their own bodies simply overwhelms the nanny state’s ability to cover it through taxation, if the people decide that the line has been drawn in the wrong place.

We need more of this – and on this level.

On Threats, Real & Imagined

Your local only ones with all that dotmil gear they picked up from Uncle Sugar on your dime think they are this:

But they are really more like this:

Keep in mind that all that cool gear doesn’t make them ninjas. It only makes them think they are ninjas.

Question: Does all that high speed gear you have make you a ninja?

Merely trying to maintain a bit of perspective.

Not Go Time – Yet

Seeing this kind of thing a bit more.

Going to ask the same question I did a while back:

“Look back twelve months ago at the rhetoric. Take a look at it today. Where do you think it will be this time next year.”

I believe the local Only Ones should live in abject fear of the population that they serve (see serve). I also believe that while this is not very nice, it has *almost* become necessary to combat the documented and growing issue Only One’itis. In the end, it’s not about being nice anyway.


Resistance is the Path of Least Resistance

Like Mike said, opportunity:

As for me, I also see opportunity. Personally, I would like to thank the Clinton, Bush and Obama administrations for spreading out all this military hardware into the hinterland where, in an emergency, the armed citizenry can get its hands on it without having to trespass on a military base.

Listen to Deacon fellow III. Bob the local deputy will forget to put the lock on the armory, but that really doesn’t matter because his response to you taking it won’t be much of anything as it will likely take them days to figure out that it walked out on a Tuesday when the moon was full.

Imagine the disruption. Imagine the cover up as the local constabulary would be remiss to tell the truth that the suppressed and full auto G36 they got from dotgov up and disappeared.

An Oathkeeper Aside

Last spring I took my oldest two daughters hiking around an abandoned nuclear reactor. Fun times.

On the way home we stopped by a local sporting goods place that had the venerable Marlin 795 on sale with a $30 rebate. Since I try and get out to an Appleseed event at least once a year, I thought I would go and get a couple since they were almost two for one at this price.

Having also never purchased anything firearms related at one of these sporting goods chains before, I had no idea what to expect. Long waits, poor service, and a seemingly disbelieving attitude toward someone who would “BUY TWO GUNS AT ONCE” (ZMOG!!! – ELEVENTY!!!), I was filling out the 4473’s.

Doing said papieren was a sheriffs deputy from the county which we were in. Requesite banter ensued:

“These are a great deal.”

I answered, “Indeed. Never shot one before. They are for Appleseed. You ever heard of that?”

“No, what’s that?”

I proceed to do the Appleseed song and dance and then the deputy floors me with a statement.

“I’m an Oathkeeper. Lots of my fellow deputies are. Sheriff’s even on board with it.”

I asked, “So you guys really understand what that’s about? Not following orders about violating the rights of the citizens? Could get pretty ugly for you if it comes down to that. You realized how big of a deal that is right? I mean, someone like you comes to take my gear during any type of real or even perceived event, and you and your buddies are going to get lit up. Not to mention what my wife and kids will do to you after I’m gone. I shudder to think about that. Women are violent.”

He got real quiet. It was as if he had some kind of epiphany about the reality of his surroundings and woke up – just a little bit.

He said, “I never really thought about it that way. The idea is sound, but practical application. I just don’t know.”

I answered, “Well, here’s to hoping right? I mean, when and if that day comes, I would imagine it will be pretty dark.”

He stammered, “Uh, yeah…”

Love Fest

Went to this a while back.

It was, by all intents and purposes, an Only Ones love fest.

The citizenship ceremony was nice. Always good to see people who care enough to officially contribute and sign the guest book after they come here to enjoy what the Once Great Republic still has to offer. Perhaps a light does indeed still shine.

I had three little ones in tow – this being Mrs. Matson’s morning out.

We bantered with the local constabulary, and made some ARES contacts. Watched as my oldest scared the SAR guys with her ability to track animals and humans almost as good as their dogs. She really creeped them out with the, “I can start a fire with my knife and a firesteel” bit. She’s 7.

Eventually we wandered over to a group of folks who were dressed in the typical dotgov field uniform of 5.11 pants with navy polos. Both of the guys had beer guts, but hey, I guess you get what you get with these kinds of things.

They had a table full of gear- hazmat suits, radiation measuring gear, chemical detection, etc. Tens of thousands of dollars worth of stuff along with a very new unmarked, navy Suburban with a satellite dish.

We sauntered up and they very happily started their act…

“Hi there.”

“Hello sir! And aren’t you cute little lady! You seem to have your hands full!”

“Uh, huh. Good livin’. What do you guys do?”

“We are a BLAH-BLAH-Acronym-BLAH-BLAH unit. We handle hazmat, nuke-cu-ler (i shit you not), biological, and chemical threats for metro Atlanta and surrounding areas. We are based out of Dobbins and are a GA National Guard Unit. We have capability to BLAH-BLAH-BLAH-BLAH bad stuff – you know, to prevent or mitigate a terrorist attack.”

“Uh, huh. Is that a real pressing issue here? That Suburban have secure VoIP and data ability? How about secure HF comms and the like? That dish from those people in Marietta that got sued last year over their patent infringements? Probably a Cisco 3800 series with a FW module in it. That a 7965 phone on the console there?”

“I uh. Hey, how do you?”

“Nevermind. Come on girls. Glad you are out there pal.”

Spent a few minutes with a former SEAL. I’ve met a few in my life before. Really interesting characters. We exchanged contact info, and I asked if I could buy him a coffee sometime and pick his brain. Seemed like a pretty good guy.

The girls really dug the helicopters.