Overheard from Roadside America

Took a day trip up to TN this weekend to enjoy some very American roadside attractions – See Rock City!

I have always been a sucker for stuff like this. Admission for a family of four? About $50.

One hears things while meandering through The Fairy Village and across the Swinging Bridge while seeing 5 states. Here are a couple of quotes (paraphrased):

“When are we going to start shooting these bastards?” -Gentleman in his fifties.

“Why are they not listening? My rep voted for this crap and everyone I know told him not to. This reminds me of that TARP thing. They have gone too far with this one.” -Lady in her early thirties with four children.

“We started stocking up on food this year. Something is coming and I’m scared. It’s as if we work harder than ever and we never get ahead. And now, they are talking about increasing taxes?” -Man in his forties.

A few anecdotes that I’m sure, mean nothing in the giant, ineffable plan.