Could Not Be Said Better

IMO – Kerodin is dead on.

Indeed. Stop worrying about those around you and start becoming what you need to be in order to step up. WRSA always talks about hardening your mind, body, and spirit. Do this, learn from your mistakes now while the cost is cheap.

Be ready to lead when the opportunity presents itself, or, be ready to be led.

Not everyone is cut from that cloth and it takes a smart man to realize when it’s time to let the better leader step forward and take his place.

only the best cheater wins

On open mics and foreign pandering

This guy is merely a cog. He wields no actual power, and makes no decisions except what he wants as a midnight snack.

If you believe any different, you are essentially a fool.

While these actions will impact the upcoming unpleasantness, your day to day marches on as usual. Keep your head up, your wits about you, and your powder dry. Do not let this paltry distraction allow your focus to shift from building your tribe and asserting your individual Liberty.