My Favorite Tools: #1 – Buck 110



About $35 virtually anywhere. I have several, Mrs. Matson one, and each kid at least two.

Good steel, keeps an edge, and fantastic geometry for anything from cleaning game to (i suppose) sticking in a fellow human. So ubiquitous here in the deep south that any dot gov minion would not even think twice to see that pouch on your belt that says ‘Buck’.

I have cleaned countless whitetail with this one, gutted many a fish, and carved off shavings for a fire while out on the trail. And, while there are better, more tacticool EDC ones out there, you could do much, much worse.

You should stop reading this post now, and go get a couple. One to keep on your person and one to put away somewhere safe.

It’s a tool, and a damn good one.


Anecdotal Evidence

Wow! Out from the darkness, only to have to go under cover for a while longer.

Spent the weekend building the tribe and gathering like minded individuals who see the gathering storm clouds. Making preparations is becoming normal to some of this group. Cut down trees, hauled debris, grilled, and talked treason.

Also, via the parking lot, picked up four new disposable arms to be cached in strategic locations. I understand the mantra that, “if it’s time to bury them, it’s really time to use them”, though this not through that lens. It is through the lens of preparedness and long term strategy. Stack. It. Deep.

Also, spent time in deep, prayerful meditation with my heavenly father. Preparing your spirit only helps to harden your body and mind.

More later.

Moving Forward

So, “the deal” is done. The can, as always, is once again kicked down the road for someone else to deal with. Any hope of a restorative solution from the flavor of the moment party is null & void.

What do you do?

It is obvious that you are out on the frontier all alone with one rifle, a box of ammo, and the horde is just over the next hill. You can hear them.

What do you do?

Remember, there are opportunities to thrive and not just survive.

Beans, bullets, band-aids, boots – stack it deep. Resilience will not be measured by these things, but not being hungry when you are trying to do something important later one will be a force multiplier. Being able to know (know) that your wife and kids will have something to quiet their hunger while you go about your (new) daily tasks will be invaluable.

Prepare now. Help your neighbors. Build your tribe. Acquire knowledge and skills that will be needed in the future – now. Help those around you be sustainable and self-sufficient.

Keep your wits about you and watch your six. Interesting times indeed.




End of Western Civ

Not referring to the class you slept through in your undergrad studies.

Comments are enlightening. Hat tip to CA @ Western Rifle Shooters. Glad you are out there.

See part six of this series. Sorry, I cannot do a direct link with their kooky flash stuff (my emphatic vote for HTML5). Lots of good parallels in there that will help shape the conversation about the Gates of Vienna article. Please, take the time to listen to Andy after you read the above and following comments.

“Capitalism with a conscience…”

Defining our tribe now and helping them prepare will help lessen the doom. Though, it is brutally hard to see what is coming and know that at the core it could have been prevented and that you are powerless to stop it from happening.