I thought the same thing…

Was last week some kind of semi-wet run?

Merely a thought. Perhaps the tinfoil is on a little too tight this morning. It seems as though we are due for something though. The world as a whole feels like it’s on the edge of cliff and has seemed that way for a while now. The tipping point or event approaches. I get labeled a doomer for this all the time, but there is something that seems to be bubbling just under the surface waiting to take hold.

We have gone without for too long and the proverbial karma needs to catch up with us.

Control of the Agenda

When did the control of the agenda of our Once Great Republic cede to the radicals? When did we cease to be a people that were at least united in some sort of like vision and set of principles?

I have been thinking about this all week and I cannot for the life of me find a turning point in history that showed a definite change of direction. It is difficult to see where we are headed when one cannot see the point at which we made that drastic turn in the dis-unified direction.

Merely a thought.

lots of noise

But where is the signal?

Interesting times indeed. For whatever reason, this time – meaning week/month – feels much the same as the same week/month just after September 11, 2001. Notice I said, feels. I do not know. Knowing fact based upon some kind of semi-solid intel. I feel. Completely different thing.

I have gone as far as keeping the family close to the homestead and not venturing too far into the city when I don’t have to. Paranoid much Deacon? Again, feel. That right there has saved me more times than I care to remember.

But, what about all the noise? All the “Oooo, the big burly terrorists are out to get us!” all of a sudden. Why now? November elections? October surprise? Who knows…

Alas… Where. Is. The. Signal?

Merely random musings on a Monday afternoon.