Thoughts on a Tuesday

Allow me to ramble a bit…

A while back, Garden Serf mentioned that he thought that heavy, regional players were beginning to have those backroom conversations that would eventually change the country and we have come to know it. You know, the backrooms full of smoke and cheap whiskey? Seems a bit dramatic, but at some level there is truth in it. The real world changers are always sitting in the background making deals.

I’m inclined to believe him.

I think the political class sees a time in the somewhat near future where our nation is split into many, many factions all vying for either control of people or control of resources. While I think this time is still a ways off, I cannot help but try and comprehend that there may be a larger game afoot. Not one of incompetence, but one where actual leaders are gaming for the future of what we have come to understand as America.

You have to remember that as a nation, we are still merely an infant. And while the memory of what we have achieved will likely live on for quite some time, the results will most likely be as fleeting as the idea and reality of America itself.

Random thoughts. They are disjointed. Forever my curse of not being able to eloquently articulate what my poorly wired brain is rambling on about.