CA’s Salient Points on Gunwalker

Read the post here. Important bits below:

– The Communist President of the United States is well on the path to re-election.

– There is NO – repeat: NO – effective political opposition to the President and his treasonous policies in the House, the Senate, or the judiciary.

– You have an army of more than 2.15 million Federal leeches and tyrants standing over you.

– There will be a massive tax hike on January 1, 2013 that will further tank the already-moribund American economy.

– The few electoral political restraints on the Mighty Kenyan and his stooges will disappear should he be re-elected to a second term.

– The Republican Party is completely finished as anything but a junior collaborator in the destruction of America.

– And most importantly to each of you, you and your families are consider irredeemable kulaks by the Obama regime – suitable only for plunder and eventual relocation to reeducation facilities.

Yes, it can, and will happen here. Yes, some of your neighbors will be cheering this on – at least 44% of them. This is the battlespace in which you will be forced to operate in. There are workflows and processes that will successfully oppose this tyranny.

Prep and plan now. Time truly is running out.



See Drudge.

Notice that’s a rather dynamic link. Doesn’t matter. Whatever is there will be insane on any given day.

Look at where we are now. Imagine where we will be this time next year.

Based upon that (non) visionary projection, what are you doing – right now – to mitigate threats and interruptions to your way of life?

Animals get dangerous when backed into corners. Democrat, Republican, red, yellow, white, black, purple doesn’t matter in the slightest. Again, most, if not all of that is a distraction from what is happening just behind the curtain. But again, remember, these are humans involved in the perceived struggle for wealth and power. They will do anything – anything – to maintain that status and power.

Better get it together now while you can. As CA would say, tempus fugit.

Sic transit gloria mundi…