Comms for Hacking & Profit: Part II

Never thought I would have a second part to this.

Via John Robb, I give you this:

The Village Base Station.

Ok, a bit more complex than the analog stuff I talked about here. However, imagine what you could do with this in addition to a little analog gear or high gain, directional antennas?!?

Trying to think outside the proverbial box here a bit.

Disruptive? Check!

Portable & flexible? Check!

Resilient? Better believe it.

Adding global reach to your comms for very little effort or cash. Awesome!

More To Support The Road Ahead

And I’m not talking about the Bill Gates book either. How about that for a throwback?

Anyway, I digress…

See Mr. Denninger’s latest.

Here’s the real money quote:

Well, fine.  Just be aware of one thing: The next big collapse in the markets leaves The Fed and government with no ammunition to counteract it – rates are at zero and QE didn’t work except to crank up the price of food and energy.

How do you prepare to weather the first bits of this storm? What does your local support system look like when the price of diesel is at $10 a gallon on a long timeline? How do you support and feed your family (& tribe) when the local Publix/Kroger/Albertsons isn’t getting regular shipments of Little Debbies?

They don’t call the Big Die Off for nothing.

You must weather the storm first and come out the other side with a plan for yourself and your tribe.

Your energy costs are going up. Your food costs are going up. Your standard of living is going to change radically – more so than in the last century. Your freedoms will be curtailed even further.

Think! Think about how you survive and then later on, after things have shifted, THRIVE.

Moving Forward

So, “the deal” is done. The can, as always, is once again kicked down the road for someone else to deal with. Any hope of a restorative solution from the flavor of the moment party is null & void.

What do you do?

It is obvious that you are out on the frontier all alone with one rifle, a box of ammo, and the horde is just over the next hill. You can hear them.

What do you do?

Remember, there are opportunities to thrive and not just survive.

Beans, bullets, band-aids, boots – stack it deep. Resilience will not be measured by these things, but not being hungry when you are trying to do something important later one will be a force multiplier. Being able to know (know) that your wife and kids will have something to quiet their hunger while you go about your (new) daily tasks will be invaluable.

Prepare now. Help your neighbors. Build your tribe. Acquire knowledge and skills that will be needed in the future – now. Help those around you be sustainable and self-sufficient.

Keep your wits about you and watch your six. Interesting times indeed.




Your Lesson for Today

John Robb on being a resilient individual…

Resilient individuals don’t just survive, they thrive.   They do well during good times and bad.  It doesn’t matter what life throws at them.

Becoming resilient should be the goal of any sane person in this increasingly crazy world.

Unfortunately, it isn’t easy.  Resilience isn’t found in a location.  It isn’t contained in a product or package that you can buy.

It’s a state of mind.  A way of thinking only achieved through hard work.  It’s something you assemble one step at a time.

Steps like getting trained in a new skill.  Mastering a body of knowledge.  Attaining a level of physical fitness.  Completing an ambitious do-it-yourself project.  Bonding with other people that are on their own quest for resilience.  Starting a new venture or company.

Making the choice to become resilient is the first step.

John Robb is a smart guy.