Combat America: Our Time in the Excrement

Check out the video and then come back.

This made the Net meme rounds yesterday and I’m sure you have heard or seen it. I think I ran across an ARFCom thread and linked out for later viewing after a meeting or something.

The place described in the video by the EMT is here.

Any illusions that southwest Fulton county here in Atlanta metro, Birmingham proper, south Jackson Mississippi, or many parts of Dallas would be any different during a crisis?

I wonder how long it would take for that kind of stuff to migrate out to the pasty white ‘burbs? A week, a month, a year?

Remember kids, your neighbor, the one who is rallying for good old Mitt, might end up being OPFOR when his wife and kids get hungry, or when they have the chance to turn you in for some infraction to find favor in the eyes of dotgov.

It doesn’t take much for the tide to sharply turn in a rapid fashion, and while many places in the US will simply not give in to this kind of utter and complete societal excrement, many will.

Watch your six & keep your powder dry.

Remember, you are in the middle of the collapse. You’re watching it now. Prep while you can, and build your tribe.

An Interview with Doug Casey

Via John Robb.


Your first slice of doom:

Daily Bell: Will there be accompanying civil unrest – rioting, looting and assorted acts of criminal behavior?

Doug Casey: Almost certainly. I think the riots we have seen recently in London, the various flash mobs we have seen around the US, and even the rioting that happened in Vancouver, are just an overture. When people don’t have jobs – and actual unemployment in the US is running at over 20% if it is calculated the same way it was 30 years ago – they become very unhappy, while they have lots of time on their hands. Combine that with the fact a vastly higher number of people live in cities than was the case in the ’30s – trouble always arises from cities. Combine that with skyrocketing inflation and a generally collectivist/statist psychology on the part of all segments of the population, and the result is inevitable. Living in a big city, or even a suburb, impresses me as a mistake.

On the Fed, monetary policy, & QE3:

Daily Bell: Recently, Alan Greenspan said on NBC that the US would never default because the Fed can always print more money. (Watch that video here.) Isn’t that default by devaluation? Who does it hurt the most?

Doug Casey: Yes, that’s exactly what they are going to do – print – and it’s going to devastate the middle classes, the people that save. That is in fact what they are going to do. As I said before, it would be far better if they defaulted overtly – that would punish those who lent the government money, it would ruin the government’s credit, it would force the government to cut back radically and would likely save the dollar. But they’ll do none of those things. Greenspan and Bernanke should both be hung by their heels from a lamp post as an example, although it probably wouldn’t do any good in that they’re both just stooges, caught up in a tide of events far beyond their control at this point.

Daily Bell: Was Bernanke’s announcement to keep Fed rates low for at least the next two years surprising to you? Is it going to help the economy?

Doug Casey: Bernanke is an utter fool, an academic with no experience in the real world, operating on totally fallacious and destructive theories. Holding rates to arbitrary and artificial low levels is exactly the opposite of what should be done. Interest rates have to go up to stop people from borrowing and get them to save. It’s one of the things that ensures they are going to destroy the dollar.

Daily Bell: What do you think about QE3? Will it happen? Will it help?

Doug Casey: It’s happening now. It has to happen because how else are they going to finance a trillion and a half dollar federal deficit? And that deficit is going to go higher. It’s happening as we speak. Foreign central banks can see what’s going on. Nobody wants to buy treasuries; the Fed is the only buyer at the low interest rates that they have engineered. The Fed should be abolished. The only good thing about what they’re doing is that they’re going to destroy themselves. But the government will just replace them with a new central bank.

Now, they wander into some pretty fringe territory a bit further down, but in all, it’s worth your time. I pulled out the two bits above because they shed some light on two key points I talk about often.



As England Falls

Perhaps, so does America.

Here is a telling comment that applies to the macro situation facing the Western World:

It’s about time that the violence of the class celebrated by the rich falls upon the rich.

Perhaps the author of the above piece is calling the game too soon. I have no idea. It has been almost 10 years since I have been to the UK. I would imagine that any travels to the isles in the future would probably be out. One never knows, and pieces like the one above seem to be so premature. Besides, getting accurate and truthful information of anything going on outside of the states is difficult – even with the Net.

However, the quote from the anonymous commenter above seems to cut right to the bone of the issue. Those who have been given a pass and have been favored by decades of largess are now bearing their fruit upon those who have supported their rise to favored status.

Much the same is possible here, though our citizenry has not yet been disarmed by the state. Americans still possess the means of defense and we in most cases have no hesitation to use it.

Perhaps there is hope and light after all? Perhaps there will be a beacon in the night.

One never knows.

Loot as much as you can, or someone else will…

Sultan Knish. Must. Read. Now.

Viewing this through the proper lens will lead to new and interesting opportunities…

An understated civil war is already raging in Europe, between Muslim and African immigrants and the society they have penetrated. The conflict has made a mockery of the social controls of Europe. Put surveillance cameras on every street, and we’ll don masks and turn out in numbers. Run your DNA banks and see how much luck you have when entire streets are burning. Outlaw knives and we’ll bring our Molotov cocktails.

The United States managed to offer enough economic growth in the last two decades that riots were mostly limited to angry white college students protesting for some radical cause. But the economic engine is off and the flash mob is here. Black unemployment is at an all time high and teenagers with thousands of dollars, but without the steadying effect of full time employment are getting their kicks.

Apply the above to your local AO and the CW2 Cube. How do you adapt? How do you use the new environmental variables to help you thrive?

Once the balloon goes up in whatever fashion it does, the above will be a guide to the article mentioned in the beginning of the post. How to adapt and thrive?

The bigger the institutions get, the more they are cut off from the street, and the more fragmented the society becomes. Nations become giants unable to see or fend off the gnomes hammering at their feet. And their corrective solutions inevitably lean toward more social gigantism. Violence rewarded often enough becomes a habitual tool of politics until the looter matters more than the ballot box. When the authorities show that they will reward violence with social benefits, the welfare state will grow fangs.

One can wax poetic and patriotic all day long, but the previous quote sheds a lot of light on what is happening in our current transitional time. Systematic isolation of this demographic has created an entire generation (some would argue several at this point) that believes to the core of their being that the fruits of Western Civilization were won on the backs of the poor and through nothing else. Entitlement and the Free Shit Army.

The proliferation of technology enables this. Making it seamless and easy to communicate on a mass scale allows for these types of events to occur more frequently.

Makes a pretty good argument for being able to communicate through alternate (or legacy) means.

Again, this begs the questions: What are you going to do to use these new variables to your advantage? How do you prosper in the new environment? How do you communicate this prosperity to your tribe?