This Culture is Sick

Not talking about the guns. Not talking about the crazy bastard that murdered his family, friends, and little kids.

I’m talking about the veritable celebration that will continue on television 24/7 for countless days by hideous fools who dance in the blood of this prattling on as if what they have to say matters at all.

It’s sick & depraved.


Guns Save Lives

CCW is plentiful in Colorado.

Surprised this idiot didn’t get his little spree put to a stop before it got started.

You absolutely know this will be used against FREFOR in some way that will further erode what little is left. Keep that in mind when you are listening to, reading, and watching the daily lies.

Observe & Report

Rich T sends.

My two…

1. The ‘suspect was high on drugs’ mantra may be true, though it is likely a standard propaganda based answer. Here’s why, this is a broad daylight, open attack on a LEO, and while this is Philly, that cannot be a normal thing. It is, by all intents and purposes, an open escalation in the level of violence against the local law. And, while this dude was likely stoned, I doubt his altered state of mind drove him to sustain 4 rounds without much initial effect. Everything must remain normal. Everyone, especially the supporters out in the ‘burbs who actually fund the FSA, have to be placated at all costs. Go to work. Do your commutes. The LEO’s are your friends. All is well. Be well to each other.

2. For the locals to not call 911, or assist in any way is indicative of any inner city in America. Again, maintain normality. All is well. I would venture to guess that out here in the ‘burbs, that response would be different. The other side of the FSA out here still thinks that the state and it’s agents are your friends.

Keep these in mind. Observe and report.

Alternate question & scenario:

How would you, as a III, be able to incorporate this into your OODA loop?

Rich, thanks for putting this out there. Good stuff.


The Way of the Gun

Living where I do, the only places to shoot that are close are indoor. To me, this sucks. No, kinda, sorta. It just plain sucks.

Outdoor ranges and isolated backyards are something I have alaways longed for. I’ve even gone so far as to try and buy some property and establish a range on it. Problem is, I’m married and Mrs. Matson, while very pro-go train your butt off, is not too keen on spending $20,000+ on land so I can practice weapons transitions. About a year ago, I got involved with a few pals who were starting a range with training facility, but that, due to county restrictions, fell through. Alas, I was doomed to coughing and hacking and shooting at paper targets unless I wanted to drive 2.5 hours to my hunting lease.

However, due to a loose affiliation, I became aware of an outdoor, private range just a few minutes from the Matson suburban compound. I applied, and much to my surprise, was accepted as a provisional member. Know what that means? A good portion of my income just got allocated to ammo…

With daylight extended, I can now run up to the range and get in a few mags after the kids are bound and gagged for the evening.

Last night, I did just that very thing.

Shot steel at 10 meters, multiple target engagement, with mag changes, and transition to backup weapon.

Lessons learned:

  • You can never practice that mag change enough.
  • If you don’t shoot that backup gun on a regular basis, you can’t hit anything with it.
  • Engaging multiple targets and multiple angles is not necessarily that hard after a bit of practice.

Muscle memory is a powerful thing. Learned processes and drills stick with you for a long time. It’s akin to stropping the edge of blade just to put a polish back on the edge to get it shaving sharp.

I found that my draw needs a bit of work. The Gunsite process seems awkward and I need to find a happy medium that fits my shooting style. Input from my four readers (if you have any) would be welcome.

“Hey, is that one ‘a dem space rifles?”

Dude, you have no idea how much this pisses me off.

The closest range to my is public. I see this all the time. I usually allow for an extra 45 minutes post shooting to clean up the mess as I am almost always alone when I frequent said range.

In fact, it makes me so mad, I have contemplated buying a few acres close to TN just so I could use it to shoot on.

Thoughts on: The Seven Habits of Highly Effective Shooters

Fast read here.

I agree with everything:

The 7 Habits

  • Body Position or Stance
  • Grip
  • Sight Alignment
  • Sight Picture
  • Breathing
  • Trigger Control
  • Follow Through

My additions would be diet & exercise.

Your mental acuity is shaped by what your intake is. This also, to a large extent, defines your level of physical conditioning or ability to condition. Sharpening these two components will lead to refinement of the seven above principles.

All of these, BTW, can be practiced in your basement or living room. Remember the Four Rules.


Last Evening’s Unexpected Training Opportunity

A friend called my last evening and asked, “Deacon, what you up to tonight?”

My reply, “Since I have three kids and a wife, what do you think?”

He then said, “Can you get away?”

I replied, “Prolly… Why?”

He then elaborated, “Get your carbine, some ammo and your gear. I will be by to pick you up in 20.”

Twenty minutes later I’m standing in my driveway decked out in tac gear with 2000 rounds in an ammo can. Pal picks me up and drives north into the hinterland to an unknown & undisclosed location in the Blue Ridge Foothills.

We pull up to a parcel of fairly remote land to find a shoot house, pits, backstops and targets.

As dark is approaching, we stand in a circle, six of us, discussing medical triage, comms, and various other safety procedures in case something untoward happens. Thereafter, we don gear, NVG monoculars, and go to town.

Every imaginable scenario got run through in the course of four hours.

2500 rounds, an aging barrel, and an exhausted Deacon. Good times.

Great to know that there are others out there like me (and you dear readers). Nice surprise on a Thursday night.