EDC Survival Box

My take on this, the Survival loadout.

A couple of operational constraints:

  • I work in a corporate setting in full business dress.
  • I commute from ‘burb to ‘burb everyday, no highway route, about 20 miles.
  • My objective with regard to any challenge would be to get home, not get into a firefight.
  • Interdiction is always a possibility.
  • There is a larger kit with more comprehensive gear in my truck.
  • There is a list of EDC items on my person that compliment the following kit…

I’ll start with the container. Cheap, simple, rugged, water & air tight. Otterbox.

About $11 shipped from somewhere online. Use your GoogleFu. In all honesty it would be a bit better if it were about one inch deeper. I’m sure they make one of those. When I ordered this, it was an afterthought. I had intended to use it for something completely different. Hindsight being 20/20 and all.

Contents are simple:

  • Two CR-123’s as these are the primary batteries for every light I have, including the ones on my weapons. My current EDC light is a 4Sevens, Quarkx123 Tactical. Don’t let the tacticool bit fool you. I could care less about that stuff. The difference with this light is a programming feature that allows for illumination settings to be stored on bezel positions. Very useful.
  • One, KCI Glock mag with 124-gr JHPs.
  • Twenty odd feet of 550 cord and a ring.
  • Light My Fire Ferro Rod with a secondary ferro from an ESEE survival kit.
  • Opinel Number 9 carbon steel folder – about $10 and one seriously capable blade.

Below is a shot of the packed kit.

Complete? Nope. Does it work for me? Yep. With my EDC gear and this, I could get home. That’s the goal. Could it stand a revision, say, addition of water purification tabs? Probably. I have some. I will likely shoehorn them in at some point.

Again, this is about complimenting what’s on my person, and giving me assets to help me get home, or get to the bigger kit in my truck.

I hope some of you find this info useful. There will be a series of posts soon that will detail the EDC pack loadout, the truck kit, and to satisfy a request from Mr. Kerodin, a SHTF E&E kit with weapons.




Combat America: Our Time in the Excrement

Check out the video and then come back.

This made the Net meme rounds yesterday and I’m sure you have heard or seen it. I think I ran across an ARFCom thread and linked out for later viewing after a meeting or something.

The place described in the video by the EMT is here.

Any illusions that southwest Fulton county here in Atlanta metro, Birmingham proper, south Jackson Mississippi, or many parts of Dallas would be any different during a crisis?

I wonder how long it would take for that kind of stuff to migrate out to the pasty white ‘burbs? A week, a month, a year?

Remember kids, your neighbor, the one who is rallying for good old Mitt, might end up being OPFOR when his wife and kids get hungry, or when they have the chance to turn you in for some infraction to find favor in the eyes of dotgov.

It doesn’t take much for the tide to sharply turn in a rapid fashion, and while many places in the US will simply not give in to this kind of utter and complete societal excrement, many will.

Watch your six & keep your powder dry.

Remember, you are in the middle of the collapse. You’re watching it now. Prep while you can, and build your tribe.

Current Positions & Plans

Lots of noise out there. The world’s most riveting most complicated reality TV series starring Barry and the idiots in Congress has shifted into sweeps week big time.

Referencing this post by Karl, I give you this comment in the forum:


With the rampant devaluation I fear is nigh, I’m suddenly not feeling very good about my all-cash position. But I can’t think of anything safer.

I have been cash and PM’s for several years and refuse to invest in a propped and overvalued market. We are at a historic crossroads where there is no safe haven. Everybody can’t jump into Swiss Francs. We may be at the point of what loses least.

As to the US dollar, we are the best looking hag in the bar and damn, the drinks are starting to wear off! Everywhere you turn all the “rich countries” are broke and all the emerging countries are holding the paper of the “rich countries” There have been paper money failures before, but never so many countries on the brink of a fiat disaster of this proportion.

Historically, gold has not been that good of an investment unless you happened to be in a country that had currency issues. Even then, you may have had the option to hold another currency. This is why the dollar was welcomed all over the world because it was somewhat a store of value compared to the national currency.

When you look around the world today, every country is on the edge and there is no safe haven currency because we are all interconnected. One of my dad’s favorite sayings was “When America sneezes the rest of the world catches cold”. We now have Europe and America on the edge of cardiac arrest. That is the equivalent of two Americas by economic size.

Resource rich countries like Australia and Canada have been heavily supported by China’s use of raw materials, but even China too is an overheating ponzi. When China blows up and they will, it is party over not only for those two countries, but because the rest of the world has been looking at China to spur economic growth.

When the depression hits, all commodities are going to get smacked because consumption will drop in the toilet. Gold will probably lose the least of the commodities and likely gain because its use against suffering currencies will remain high and the USD/Euro will no longer be considered a safe haven or any country for that matter.

When the dust settles, we will probably end up with a new monetary system and gold will probably play a part in it. If for no other reason than confidence will need to be restored and historically gold has played a role as money.

Otherwise, the best investments are probably for your personal safety and means to weather the storm that lies ahead. If you are in a big city you probably want an escape plan and a place to go to if you have to leave.

The Matson portfolio looks much the same- lots of cash and very minimal securities. I have felt that liquidity is a better evil than anything else over the past few years. While I don’t think it’s time to max out credit for long term goods, I do think that day approaches.

As the “discussions” continue, we will come to find the truth that, if the issue can be kicked down the road any further, it will be kicked.