Even 4×4’s Get Turned Around

Living in #Atlanta – or at least the #Atlanta burbs – makes for interesting driving in sunny, dry conditions. Add snow and ice to the mix and the natives get…interesting.

Due to road conditions, I have been banished to VPN for the past two days. In between conference calls that really have no purpose and IM’s with people who are in the same situation as I am, I have been ferrying my completely unprepared neighbors to the local grocery store to get provisions because I am the only one on the block with 4 wheel drive.

Having had enough of this, I ventured out after the sun came up this AM to make the overland journey to my place of business. For the first time in two days I even took the truck out of 4 wheel and put it into 2.

After 10 or so miles of travel over ice and with insane drivers on my right and left, I encountered a massive traffic snarl that went unreported by the local media. I turned around and am now happily typing away via the Matson home office.

Sometimes, despite all your preparations and planning, the “others” out there simply have it in for you.

No plan survives first contact with the enemy – or #Atlanta drivers…