Concord Bridge or Fort Sumpter

Mike-istan discusses the coming conflict and it’s complex, polygonal battle space:

Part I

Part II

Part III

His recent electoral experience mirrors my own from the last local election and our dreaded SPLOST renewal (from part II):

Here in Ohio we just had an election where the biggest issue was a referendum on repealing a pension reform package which would have just slightly slowed the gravy train for public employees. The public sector unions and their allies spent thirty million dollars to convince voters that asking state employees to contribute a few percent of their pay to fund their otherwise completely tax financed salary, benefit, and retirement packages, would leave the police helpless to stop crime, the fire departments without water, and death and destruction just around the corner. The rubes bought it and repealed the reforms by a two to one margin. So no, to the vast majority of our countrymen the idea that friendly Mr. Policeman and brave Mr. Firemen, and selfless Mrs. Teacher could ever be agents of a despotic government would be an absurdity.

This is the battle space that you will be forced to operate in folks. Your neighbor, the big time Republican, wants good schools for his kids and believes the lie about the need for massive law enforcement. He will be the OPFOR with which you will be forced to confront. He will be the OPFOR that informs on you to the state. My guess is that the chances of you being able to convince him to play for team liberty will be slim to none.


More proof that the sheep have no idea what is coming here in metro Atlanta.

SPLOST measures passed with a pretty good margin yesterday. These are not going to pay down debt, but only to increase it. You know, for the children and for education…

In this solidly Republican enclave, these fiscal and social conservatives voted for another increase in their tax infrastructure and proved yet again that they are willing to take from each other to move the needle that much further. This is also fairly good evidence to support that not matter how hard you wish and pray, we ain’t voting our way out of this.

This directly impacts the CW2 battlespace. If you think it doesn’t you are delusional.