As The Hollow State Unravels Further

…and at an increasingly quickening pace.

The predatory state of California.

Oh and hey, look. The bank is complicit. Shocker there.


More proof that the sheep have no idea what is coming here in metro Atlanta.

SPLOST measures passed with a pretty good margin yesterday. These are not going to pay down debt, but only to increase it. You know, for the children and for education…

In this solidly Republican enclave, these fiscal and social conservatives voted for another increase in their tax infrastructure and proved yet again that they are willing to take from each other to move the needle that much further. This is also fairly good evidence to support that not matter how hard you wish and pray, we ain’t voting our way out of this.

This directly impacts the CW2 battlespace. If you think it doesn’t you are delusional.



See Ann’s Post. No permalink, so quoted bit is below:

My Two Personal Action Items.
Posted by Ann Barnhardt – November 4, AD 2011 9:02 PM MST

1. I am finished paying Federal taxes. Enough is enough. I refuse to hand over money to criminals. I refuse to subsidize the covert arming of Mexican drug cartels. I refuse to subsidize the slaughter of preborn children. I refuse to fund the Muslim Brotherhood and other musloid regimes who are engaging in genocide and overt, declared war against me, my country and our allies. I cannot give money to this government in good conscience any more than I could give money to the Third Reich in 1941. It is now to the point where supporting this government is very, very likely a mortal sin. God is first. God is first. God is first.

2. I will be moving my money out of the mega-banks in favor of small, locally owned banks and credit unions. Enough is enough.

I have made my decision, and let it now be done to me according to God’s will.

Good on her. Goes against what Andy & NPCC talked about with Recovery Road. Not saying that’s right or wrong. Just saying that it’s a different approach. Until this begins to happen on a mass scale, like greater than 50% of the tax paying population in America, I fear that Ann’s tale of resistance will be a short one. Merely an observation, YMMV.

Overheard from Roadside America

Took a day trip up to TN this weekend to enjoy some very American roadside attractions – See Rock City!

I have always been a sucker for stuff like this. Admission for a family of four? About $50.

One hears things while meandering through The Fairy Village and across the Swinging Bridge while seeing 5 states. Here are a couple of quotes (paraphrased):

“When are we going to start shooting these bastards?” -Gentleman in his fifties.

“Why are they not listening? My rep voted for this crap and everyone I know told him not to. This reminds me of that TARP thing. They have gone too far with this one.” -Lady in her early thirties with four children.

“We started stocking up on food this year. Something is coming and I’m scared. It’s as if we work harder than ever and we never get ahead. And now, they are talking about increasing taxes?” -Man in his forties.

A few anecdotes that I’m sure, mean nothing in the giant, ineffable plan.


3x the incentive regarding profits


Better check before you start thinking along those collectivist lines of, “eeevil oil companies”.

I was reminded of this while tanking up the 4×4, after an afternoon of hiking & shooting with Mrs. Matson.

Three times the incentive. THREE TIMES…