Agreed – Fair Warning from Denninger

I completely agree with Karl.

It is not often that one gets this sort of rotational warning in such a clear form, but you’re getting it now.  The same thing is true in the DOW, with IBM being the power mover there.

Beware folks.  Be very, very careful.

Though, my opinion is that we will see a run up to uncharted territory before the fall if crude doesn’t skyrocket over the summer. When you see the DJIA in the 19,000 to 22,000 range, it is literally time to head for the hills. The end result of that one will be five times what 2000 & 2008 were.

Extend & Pretend

Read this post and subsequent discussion from Mr. Denninger.

There is no politician, right or left, who is currently in power who will even speak to any of this like an adult, much less act on it.

The party will continue. The band will play on. The Once Great Republic will go full speed ahead to whatever the Crisis is this go round.


Years of Crisis

See GardenSerf’s latest entry. Go read, and then come back to discuss.

More of the radicals controlling the discussion and the agenda as a whole. As we transition into the crisis stage how will history in the western world (more to the point, America) repeat itself?

As students of that western history, what can we do other than be vocal as to the transition and it’s past effects and future outcomes?

It is as if I am on the proverbial freight train headed for the cliff or the Titanic – and the band played on.

As the threads unravel

Wow! That happened a bit faster than I expected.

From colonization, to occupation, to a propped up state, to a failed state. Good to see that the cycle is intact.

I have often discussed this with Mrs. Matson – how historical turning points culminate in the transition from one version of history to another.

Remember, the moral justification of any history is revised by the victor.