Interesting Comment – Here’s Mine

Here, to this original post.

I have a very hard time understanding why anyone would continue to support cops today. But then I remind myself that there is a characteristic that I don’t share with the cop-lovers: Cops are popular only because people have generally been trained to be helpless. A helpless adult is a pitiable thing.

Again, “the myth of the cop” is a powerful thing. Pitiable indeed. I tire of seeing so much government in the form of police cruisers in my small town. The never ending cycle of “increase the spend for your safety” and “what about our brave public servants who protect you” rubbish gets under my skin.

Within the last year I was stopped at a checkpoint and asked to show my license. I complied but ended up arguing with the deputy about my temp dealer tag on my new vehicle. Statements like, “i could arrest you and take you to jail” over a paper tag? Dude, please. I relied simply, firmly and with as much cold hearted force as I could muster without yelling at this overweight county quisling, “go for it. you want to go through all that, it’s your call pal.” At one point I actually wondered if his right hand that was resting on his sidearm was going to draw. The anger in his face was palatable. How dare this guy question my authority?

Here is the plain and simple truth boys. I want to be left alone. I will go to great lengths to fly under everyone’s radar – regardless of what they are or who the represent. I like it that way. However, if you start to screw with me, I will screw with you and you won’t like it.

Perhaps Mike @ Sipsey needs to send his “No More Free Waco’s” letter to my county sheriff?

Leave. Me. Alone.