Thoughts on a Tuesday

Allow me to ramble a bit…

A while back, Garden Serf mentioned that he thought that heavy, regional players were beginning to have those backroom conversations that would eventually change the country and we have come to know it. You know, the backrooms full of smoke and cheap whiskey? Seems a bit dramatic, but at some level there is truth in it. The real world changers are always sitting in the background making deals.

I’m inclined to believe him.

I think the political class sees a time in the somewhat near future where our nation is split into many, many factions all vying for either control of people or control of resources. While I think this time is still a ways off, I cannot help but try and comprehend that there may be a larger game afoot. Not one of incompetence, but one where actual leaders are gaming for the future of what we have come to understand as America.

You have to remember that as a nation, we are still merely an infant. And while the memory of what we have achieved will likely live on for quite some time, the results will most likely be as fleeting as the idea and reality of America itself.

Random thoughts. They are disjointed. Forever my curse of not being able to eloquently articulate what my poorly wired brain is rambling on about.

A Written Record

I keep these written journals in Moleskine notebooks. I have for over a decade now. They mostly contain daily news and events. Some thoughts, but mostly it’s a written account of the happenings of the day with some news headlines thrown in.

The common theme in these is the macro-level, decades long decline of our way of life here in the Once Great Republic. Beginning in about 1989, these pages chronicle my life and the headlines that drove it publicly.

Fun stuff to go back look at – talk about an evolution of thought and philosophy -but also the lack of change in the way one man looks at life and his fellow humans. One tends to be born a certain way, but I digress…

Answer this question: Are you more free today than you were in 1989?

I would venture to guess that 99% of everyone who answers that question would say NO.

So, what are we doing about it? Some things for sure, Appleseed comes immediately to mind, but for the most part, we as Americans have faded into the background noise of Snookie (i syslt had to look this one up), Lady Gaga, Idol, & Dancing with the Stars.


“Eternal vigilance is the price of liberty.” – Wendell Phillips

We got fat and happy and have taken the easy way out. None of this should come as a surprise. If you are reading this, you likely agree with these statements.

The key theme references my last post on 3/24.

America has almost completed the transition from hard to soft. What happens when this is complete and all the sheepdogs have decided to piss on the fire and call it a night? You tell me. I’m interested in the discussion.

Control of the Agenda

When did the control of the agenda of our Once Great Republic cede to the radicals? When did we cease to be a people that were at least united in some sort of like vision and set of principles?

I have been thinking about this all week and I cannot for the life of me find a turning point in history that showed a definite change of direction. It is difficult to see where we are headed when one cannot see the point at which we made that drastic turn in the dis-unified direction.

Merely a thought.

Pending Dominos

What do you think that Walmart & Kroger are going to do if diesel goes to $10 a gallon on a sustained timeline?

The always excellent Arctic Patriot muses about that and he got me thinking along the same lines.

I live in a north Atlanta suburb. My house does very little in the realm of providing for me other than shelter and climate mediation. It is an “asset” that at this point is nothing but a drain – meaning aside from the aforementioned points. It takes, and it takes a lot.

I have a small garden that offsets a very small percentage of our nutritional requirements. Aside from that, water is expensive – it’s available from a source other than the tap, but far away.

One can only store so much food, though. You can get to 6 months or a year pretty quick if you listen to Jack Spirko, but you will eventually run out and you will have to hunt, trap, fish, or grow. Simple as that.

I can defend & deny what I have with a good level of confidence, but that too eventually runs out.

At this point it does indeed come down to the tribe (ala Global Guerrillas) and your community.

Just a few thoughts.