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In short, I would rather be free than compliant.

I agree. Timeline seems about right, maybe a bit sooner given the proclivity for acceleration.


We Close Our Eyes

I’m not sure that anyone remembers Go West. I have an affectation for 80’s syntho-pop. It is one of my fundamental character flaws.

The lyrics from this tune filled my head constantly last week while my family and I were at The House O’ Mouse. It played over and over as I saw crowds from all over the world (the Argentinian aristocracy made up at least 50% of my hotel mates) shuffle to and from the lines.

While positive in every way, Disney somehow seemed old world – at least old world from a Western perspective. A decayed dinosaur from a bygone age that needed to reinvent itself in an edgier fashion to stay relevant. I heard a comment lately from a friend who said, “I’m mad at Disney because they are an organization that used to be good…”.

Take that for what it’s worth. Staying relevant to what’s left of our culture is what I’m driving towards here.

The rise of the state as the parent. The use of massive propaganda campaigns to further even the most basic of agendas, and the ever encroaching limitations on Liberty for ‘our safety’.

TL Davis talked about how we are a divided people. There is no doubt this is true – and will continue to degrade. To what end, one cannot be certain.

Resistance to this is up to you. Whether you choose to be a servile slave to the system is your choice. Free men are free because they choose to be free, not because some piece of paper or law says they are.

TL Davis Sends


I am fatalistic, I guess. All I can control are my own actions and I have been busy placing myself into a position to survive the coming default and economic turmoil. I have girded my loins. I know a lot of others have done the same. I still have a long way to dig out of the hole of debt my company left me with when it finally imploded as will our treasury. It is not a matter of how long it can hold out, but rather how it has held out this long. When the money stopped, my company stopped. The nation which authored my demise will suffer its own. They are tied together in fact.

Eloquent as usual.

Time is short. Sic transit gloria mundi.