Demand vs. Supply

See this article from Zerohedge.

The macro statement of the entire article here – it drives the point home:

Yet the take home message is clear: resource shortages are coming back with a vengeanceas physical limits on growth once again appear.

This statement is intriguing:

So, while up until now less than one billion people have accounted for three-quarters of global consumption, over the course of the next two decades, the new Chinese, Indian, Indonesian, Latin American and African middle classes will bring an additional two billion consumers with similar needs and aspirations as today’s North American, European and Japanese consumers.

I would question the validity of the rise of the emerging economies. China is clearly a bubble waiting to burst in just about every conceivable aspect. Similar states are now showing signs of economic weakness. I still subscribe to the 4GW and Global Guerrillas mindset more than any other. That is not to say that there is no weight to the quote above – I believe it is valid in part. I do not trust the human nature angle to this part. Historically governments, culture, and people from these parts of the world have not subscribed to the rapid growth, western based economic model. It simply has not been embraced. That is not to say that change of this magnitude cannot occur – only that given the historical track record it is not likely to move in that direction.

Where does that lead the western world, specifically America?

Our population is not growing and the aging gimme class will continue to demand the perks they sold out the later generations for. See this Zerohedge bit for a good laugh.

Keep in mind these generational pressures. How do they impact your preps and plans? How does this impact the CW2 Cube? How do you consolidate resources, contacts, and relationships withing your community and larger “tribe” to prosper during the transition?