Long time, no post

Business travel sucks. No way around it.

I’m about to head into the path of Sandy for my last trip prior to the election.

If I’m honest, despite what I know to be true about the upcoming farce, I’m still unnerved a bit.

Either way, the party of Endless War & International Banking wins again.


Some Updates

Some updates.

I’m traveling for my new day gig. Lots. Mrs. Matson is pissed and the brood misses having dad around every night. Opportunities sometimes cause situations like this to pop up. This too shall pass.

This also means I have the indelible displeasure of having to deal with the TSA on a twice weekly basis. Awesome. To top it off, most of said travel is to Detroit. Lovely – which is actually not that bad where I happen to be while there, though I have gear cached and a detailed E&E plan to head 180 if I need to.

On top of this I am involved in a few web/software type startups. I generally roll the dice on stuff like this to see what can come out of a little effort. Sometimes the payoff is high. Most times not.

Finally, I started a drone manufacturing company last week while out on the road. It will be based in GA unless something radical changes on that front. I will share details as that one progresses because I believe it has the most significance to what I talk about here. Like Kerodin’s citadel and arms company, this org will strive to build for the citizenry in support of liberty and freedom. Details soon with pics of the prototypes.


Home from Detroit

You know, it would be my luck that when I took the new gig and started traveling again, that it would be to freakin’ Detroit.


Going through the TSA checkpoint the other day on the way back home I was asked questions before proceeding to the testicle shrinking machine:

“Mr. Matson, where are you going?”

“Mr. Matson, who do you work for?”

“Mr. Matson, how long were you in Detroit?”

“Mr. Matson, when did you buy the tickets?”

Wasn’t just my lucky day. Everyone was being subjected to this nonsense.

You know, when I was 10 or so I went from West Germany to West Berlin via the commie bloc. This felt EXACTLY the same.


Curious if any of my remaining two readers know of this new and interesting detail?

Comms for the Road Warrior

If you look back a bit on the blog, you will see a fairly decent gap in posting. This happened for several reasons. Some I will eventually go into and comment on as they speak to the liberty movement and PATCONs as a whole, while others deal with my day to day career and family situations.

During the gap, I sold my current company to a larger (much) larger organization and was given the option of staying on in a much larger role. To be honest, I kind of dig what I do day to day, and this was a big opportunity for resume fodder. I took it, and it came with a ton of business travel. Most of the locations are CONUS, and static – meaning the teams at those locations won’t change and I will visit them on a semi-regular basis. At some point, should continue on in this role, I will have to stage get home gear and weapons at these locations, but as it stands today, that is not the case.

Which leads me to the topic at hand…

Road Warrior Comms. I read this post from PJ this morning and it got me thinking. Good stuff.

Here’s my take:

Now, why?

Truth is, weight and hassel.

Since I fly out on Tuesday and come back on Thursday of almost every week, I’ve paired my kit down to what can fit in my GR1. If it doesn’t fit in this, it doesn’t go. Period. The DV Dongle does. Couple that to my ever present laptop, and you have radio comms that can reach around the world. Past that, it’s the mobile phone with mobile broadband.

I know what you are thinking: “But the cell towers and Net connections will be down during a disaster!”

Yeah, *maybe*, but not likely. Cell towers, like most major connection and MUX points for Net connectivity are unbelievably redundant. They are built to withstand storms, power outages, and everything in between. I have this pal who does tower maintenance and after long conversations with him, I’m sold on this. And, while you might have coverage gaps or traffic congestion, you will be able to get SMS and data through 99.99% of the time.

Would I consider dragging one of my many HT’s along for the ride? Yep, but it would depend on what the socio-political landscape looked like prior to the Delta departure. There is something to be said for VHF/UHF analog comms while out here on the road, but where I go on a week to week basis, the Net and digital make more sense. The weight savings are priceless.


Caching Essential Gear

Since transitioning into a different day job a year ago, I fond myself having to travel to the west coast on a regular basis from Atlanta. The TSA being what they are and the security theater being what it is, I long ago decided to cache some essentials with a co-worker.

Here’s the list in case you are interested:

1. Good backpack with a 3 liter hydration bladder, USGI poncho, USGI MSS, USGI poncho liner, hammock

2. Spare water purifier with a small bottle of bleach and one extra filter

3. Match case, firesteel, tinder kit, lots of paracord

4. Ultra-light AR Carbine with light (extra batteries) & sling, cleaning essentials, a few spare, loaded PMags, 500 rounds of match ammo

5. Good carbon steel fixed blade with field strop and stone

6. A good pair of broken in boots, several pairs of good wool socks, and an old pair of Vibram Five Fingers – DO NOT knock these until you try

7. Sealed and packed venison jerky, dried beef, beef jerky, high fat trail mix, and various other staples that last forever and a day when stored

8. SAC (Swiss Army Knife)

9. Compass & GPS (spare batteries)

10. Clothing – various for different seasons

These are merely the first ten essentials to this. YMMV. My goal in doing this is to keep enough gear out west that would facilitate a walk to a better location feasible. Would I be able to walk to Atlanta? Not sure. I doubt it, but having all of this out there helps my peace of mind when I get on that Delta flight out of Hartsfield.

One might venture to say that the AR is a bit much. Sure is, but I had an extra one and my co-worker did not. These things work themselves out. In the event that something happens out his way while I’m not there to take advantage of the gear, he gets a good rifle to use. Who says your tribe has to all be local?

Since I’m out west this week I thought I would share.