A Very American Perspective

Recovery Road with Andy Stanley.

Part IV will be online sometime tomorrow. In the meantime, get the first three.

Andy’s message to this is very nation state ‘centric. That’s fine. Anything at this point will likely help.

Put on your rose colored glasses and harness up your magic unicorn for what the nation could be like if even just a fraction of the population did what he said. I would be floored if one – just one – congress critter stood up after watching this series and said, “you know he’s right. i suck, and i resign”.

Probably not going to happen, but it’s a nice thought.

The other practical side of the series (from a non-biblical PoV), is that these accountability standards apply to your tribe or the new version of our nation going forward.

Moral Authority comes from your ability to Walk Your Talk. In order to lead, or be led, Moral Authority must be part of the equation.


More On Resiliance

Comments on this post are pretty good. I like the idea of AUS or France, but family ties would not allow the Matson house to do something that drastic.

And while this is true:

A six month stockpile of canned/freeze dried goods and two dozen boxes of ammo won’t get you through it.  You need a real game plan.

Being prepared enough to thrive during and post the initial system shock will go a long way. Not being hungry or completely defenseless will help you think clearly. I propose that you have 12 months + worth of supplies. It is cheap, an excellent investment against all kinds of systemic vulnerabilities, and will give you the ability to render direct aid to those around you, further building your tribe in times of crisis.

The ability to defend the above seems only logical.

Change You Can Believe In

It was a blissfully technology free weekend.

I worked around the compound, fixed a few things, tended the garden and yard, and played with my kids – a lot.

I also spent some time with my neighbors discussing the gathering storm. We have lived in our idyllic, surburban nightmare for 11 long years now and our relationships with most of the immediate neighbors are really quite good. Most are reliable people who will lend a hand or resource when you need it – you know, they act like neighbors.

Even though with tax credits and stupid low interest rates changing the demographic of our CW2 Cube Space, the circle has remained tight and like minded.

We discussed long term plans, the eventual additional 20% value drop in property, and what we think we might need to do to weather and storm. Security strategies got laid on the table, as well as, food storage, canning, wildlife management, and various other issues that will need to be addressed in the longterm.

We are not planning for the end of the world, merely a shift in how society will be managed and dealt with as a whole. These conversations are crucial going forward. Are you having them?


i agree with this

From GardenSerf:

I and the people around me are often increasingly disconnected from anything larger than ourselves. The lucky few still seem connected to an extended family unit, local church or school. I do not count my participation in the national economy or even my immediate state as something that defines my existence. Going to work, voting, showing up for jury duty, and paying taxes does not make me feel like I’m part of something larger than myself. When it comes to contributing toward society, I find it hard to see the better future that any of us are supposedly building together for our children. We might seem to be moving together, but we’re just spinning our wheels. And whenever I stop my own bit of frantic playing within the orchestra of misdirected motion around me, it’s then that I see even more the necessity of questioning the sheet music I have followed.

I would also add that any sense of community that I do have tends to be disaffected and disingenuous. I live 7+ hours away from my immediate family for much of the year. This seems to be indicative of modern America where filial ties are tenuous at best.

How does one go about that important cultural shift? Do we wait until the last minute – just before the impact? Or, do we start now while the world is still a nice place (at least in the Atlanta ‘burbs & elsewhere). I welcome your thoughts and opinions.