Macro Manuvers

Not willing to put any money on this just yet as it has been the bugaboo theme for years now, but the noise coming out of the part of the world where Iran is are ominous.

Keep an eye on it. Norway pulled out last evening according to Drudge. The Brits are essentially done as well.

Should there be overt action, make no mistake, it will have an impact here at home – especially economically.

As England Falls

Perhaps, so does America.

Here is a telling comment that applies to the macro situation facing the Western World:

It’s about time that the violence of the class celebrated by the rich falls upon the rich.

Perhaps the author of the above piece is calling the game too soon. I have no idea. It has been almost 10 years since I have been to the UK. I would imagine that any travels to the isles in the future would probably be out. One never knows, and pieces like the one above seem to be so premature. Besides, getting accurate and truthful information of anything going on outside of the states is difficult – even with the Net.

However, the quote from the anonymous commenter above seems to cut right to the bone of the issue. Those who have been given a pass and have been favored by decades of largess are now bearing their fruit upon those who have supported their rise to favored status.

Much the same is possible here, though our citizenry has not yet been disarmed by the state. Americans still possess the means of defense and we in most cases have no hesitation to use it.

Perhaps there is hope and light after all? Perhaps there will be a beacon in the night.

One never knows.