Shining Ray of Hope or Status Quo?

See this article about the Demonrat Senator from TX and his “lets kill the cartel leaders with drone strikes” recent electoral defeat.

Can’t do a permalink to it, but there is a comment from one, “florian.royack” that says this:

I believe any elected representative, Rep-Dem or INd who supports drones in US airspace should be voted out of office

Read more:

As do I, though we all know that won’t happen – or will it? My answer, btw, is just to end The War on SOME Drugs.

Perhaps, in some minute way, a tide, somewhere, just turned…

hey old world, welcome to the new machine

Anonymous gets riled up.

Update 11: The Federal Bureau of Investigation has fallen and can’t get up.

/me smiles.

talk about #resist, teh has it.*

*-and before you start talking out of one side of you mouth and saying, “those damned pirates. they deserve this!”. it ain’t about piracy (perceived). kinda like the War on (some) Drugs, the patriot act, and NDAA 2012, it’s about stamping out the competition and legislating failed business models. follow the money and watch the other hand.



Not Without a Warrant

Shining example of exactly what to do here.

“There came this huge bang on the door, front door, sounded like the door was going to fall in,” recalled Parker.

She said her husband opened the door to multiple officers in raid gear with guns drawn.

“We were completely shocked, upset,” she continued.  “I was panicked because I’ve never had anything like this happen to us before, never.”

She said the officers demanded to come inside her home.

“And my husband asked, ‘Do you have a warrant?  Who are you looking for?’ and they said, ‘Gerald Sentell,'” Parker said.  “We don’t even know this person.”

The last time I interacted with the feds in a similar situation, I made them stand out in the street while Mrs. Matson was behind cover with her AR15.