Interdasting. May I subscribe to your newsletter sir?

Kerodin makes a very interesting point on the true machinations of the state with regard to the ‘arab spring’.

I contend the Arab Spring was a deliberate policy action undertaken by USG to be rid of established dictators in the region, allowing the Muslim Horde to step into power and control State assets, militaries, natural resources, et cetera.

The opening paragraph demonstrates the type of people that have been allowed power as a result…and Washington’s response to the taking of hostages and demands for more foreign aid reflect the disposition of our Masters.

Enemies of Liberty need Sparklies to keep your attention away from their true mischief.

Watch the Other Hand continues to be the meme for 2012.

Interdasting for sure.

Watch the other hand: Perry Illuminations

Not ever going to be a political blog, however, one does need to pay attention to what is happening around you.

To summarize exactly who this guy is:

Perry is a cunningly coiffed Keynesian chameleon, a political whore of such pristine shamelessness that he makes Mitt Romney — the Mighty Morphin’ Mormon from Massachusetts — look like a granite pillar of principled resolve.

Money quote one:

That’s the same species of irony on display when the same governor who strategically spouts secessionist sentiments suddenly discovers a divinely appointed destiny to become the Dear Leader of the central government he supposedly despises.

Money quote two:

 Rick Perry, pious protector of female virtue, was the same chief executive who attempted  to force every 11-12 year-old schoolgirl in Texas to undergo an exceptionally risky vaccination for a sexually transmitted disease. In doing so Perryacting on behalf of corporatist allies in the pharmaceutical industry — bypassed the legislature to order those injections by executive decree.

Do not for a second think that this guy will be a savior of the Once Great Republic. This will be more of the same, only this rhetoric will sound slightly different.

You are being distracted on purpose. You are being forced to one side or the other with malicious intent.

the other hand

In light of the recent news, I’m having  a case of the, “watch what the other hand is doing” syndrome attack me today.

  • The Dollar is way down, within a few points of the 2008 levels just before the crash.
  • In turn, commodities are soaring – gas is at $3.80+ in my immediate AO.
  • Silver is at $47! Forty, bloody, seven!
  • Gold is shockingly unrealistic.
  • Food is moving through the roof as well.

There is no doubt we are at a tipping point. To what, I have no idea, but there is something lurking just beyond the shadows waiting to pounce. I’ve stood by for a long, long time now just waiting for the hammer to fall. It seems as though that time is immanently at hand…