2012 Electoral Battlespace

Re-posting CA’s stuff because I got nothing…

Already got my head covering, and ghilie, and urban camo (iPod, daypack, trendy shoes).

More to come later on, or maybe not. Trying to get motivated as a corporate drone so I can get in the woods this week.


The Bottomless Pit of Patriot Opinion

It’s akin to the Bottomless Pit of Statist Opinion. The two are close cousins, if not inbred brother and sister incest.

What is it exactly that we are doing? If we are doing something, what is the impact? Based upon the last twelve months, very little.

Are we the silent majority? Playing to our tribes under the radar, getting ready for the inevitable? Does that legendary silent majority even exist anymore? Was it ever a reality? I am inclined to say no. 53% of your fellow Americans willingly placed Barry into the executive seat. Voter fraud and eligibility aside, that’s a clear mandate from over half of the people in traffic with you this morning who consciously decided to move in the direction of tyranny – to thunderous applause I might add.

Again: What to do? What are we doing? Where are the solutions? Where are the disruptions? When are we going to get inside OPFOR’s decision cycle and make them react to us?

I think I have an answer. You aren’t going to like it, but here goes:

When it is too late…

Until we, as a loose connection of like minded people begin to act rather than yell still louder on the Internet, our cause will be the shadowy figure in the corner of the room. The crazy uncle that talks about UFO’s and how the mob shot Kennedy. Literally, that’s who and what we are.

It starts with talk and intent. It becomes real when you are taking steps to prepare yourself, and those around you. It’s not enough to mention over beers to your pals about how “shit’s about to get real yo”. It’s about acquiring skills, gear, training, then leading by example and passing it all along. It’s about serving others and affecting change. It’ about instilling culture and community that is resilient.

What are you doing to move the needle?

Weekend Update with DM

Spent the weekend at the Matson compound fixing and making better – also avoiding nasty letters from my HOA. Those guys suck.

Love the rocket powered chainsaw CA. Pure awesome there.

I had stumbled across Silicon Graybeard’s post as well, and like many of the commentators, I too am tired of sounding the alarm. No one listens, ever. I’m talking to myself at this point and I’m rather finished with it. I have even considered abandoning the blog and returning to a more anonymous lifestyle. Time will tell.




See Drudge.

Notice that’s a rather dynamic link. Doesn’t matter. Whatever is there will be insane on any given day.

Look at where we are now. Imagine where we will be this time next year.

Based upon that (non) visionary projection, what are you doing – right now – to mitigate threats and interruptions to your way of life?

Animals get dangerous when backed into corners. Democrat, Republican, red, yellow, white, black, purple doesn’t matter in the slightest. Again, most, if not all of that is a distraction from what is happening just behind the curtain. But again, remember, these are humans involved in the perceived struggle for wealth and power. They will do anything – anything – to maintain that status and power.

Better get it together now while you can. As CA would say, tempus fugit.

Sic transit gloria mundi…