Coming up for air for a bit here to send this link along from WRSA.

We are outnumbered.

This was confirmed by dinner last night with a colleague from the NYC are when conversations turned toward current events.

CommieRat looks around at Mid-Town Atlanta and says, “It’s funny to think this was all burned to the ground once. There’s talk of secession again by some people. Those bastards ought to get fire insurance cause we will just come down here and burn it all again. We could probably even find one of Sherman’s relatives to do it for us.”

Not kidding in the slightest. This came out of the mouth of an early fifties white male who makes six figures.

Plan accordingly.


5 thoughts on “Outnumbered

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  2. Just for the record, not EVERYONE from that area has ther head firmly planted next to their prostate.

    Grew up in NJ, parents are ex-NYers, but also 2nd gen immigrants. Not stupid. They are afraid, but i’m angry and willing. I’ll go with, but I’ll be the one burning people, and they won’t be Atlantans – I have friends down there.

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